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Monday, August 24, 2009

3-Day 2009. One word: AWESOME!
The Twin Cities 3-day is done.

We walked.
We crewed.
We slept in tents.
We did our business in a porta-potty.
We were up early.
We were in bed by 9 p.m..

And we'll do it all over again.

In the next few days I'll share stories and photos. But I wanted to leave you with this photo from our weekend.

This is Becky (in the black). Becky is a breast cancer survivor, but it has come back. This time in her liver and her lungs.

While you may see a bald head, I see a girl who smiled all weekend.
While you may think "how sad", I think "strong" and "beautiful" and "funny".
While you see someone who is tired, I see someone who is kicking cancer's ass.

To top it off, Becky got one hell of a pimped out tent at camp. Why? Because she alone raised over $14,000. Want the pimped out, mack-daddy tent with a cot, cushy mattress, camp chairs and room to actually spread out? All you need to do is be the top fundraiser for your city and that luxury suite is all yours!

Oh. Becky also has one hell of a contagious spirit!

We met Becky this weekend after she rode in our van to get to the next pit stop. Upon discovering our secret Diet Coke stash (shhhh....), Amy and I became fast 3-day friends with Becky. We plan to stay in touch with her and we will see her back next year.

I told Becky that my 3-day was amazing this year because I got to meet her.
She told me, "My 3-day was amazing because I got to meet you and Amy."

That, my friends, is worth every blister, every early morning, every wrong turn (oh. there were many. trust me), and every mile walked and every dollar raised for research.


JJ said...

$6.1 million raised. That is pretty impressive when you think about it. The crew was fantastic! As first time walkers, our team was amazed at how well run the entire event was. Other than a couple route distances that seemed off by quite a lot (especially when you REALLY need to use the bathroom).

Rebecca Jo said...

wow.... ok - I wanna meet Becky now too!!! What an inspiration she must have been to you all this weekend!

Cant even IMAGINE the people you get to meet - the stories you have - the experiences you get to go through in these weekend events... awesome!

hulagirlatheart said...

Wow! That's awesome. Can't wait to see and hear more!

Dorkys Ramos said...

You all must be sooo proud! Great job :)

Two Blessings From Above said...

What an awesome post! Sounds like an amazing 3 days!

Anonymous said...

YOU rock. Didn't need to ride with you, but appreciated the energy you pumped out as you drove by. And I agree . . . Becky was "THE SPIRIT" of the 3-Day!!!
Thanks for all you did.