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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010 3-Day, by the Numbers....
It's done.
The 2010 Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3-day for the Cure is in the books.

Last year, I crewed for the first time and had a blast as a sweep van driver. This year, I knew more people on the team would walk, but I knew I couldn't do the walk again as a walker. I don't do well in the heat, and the training alone blows out your weekends. With a wedding, high school reunion and a reception within the last 5 months, I knew walking was out.

So, I crewed again and asked my college friend Angi to join me.

Let's just say it's a miracle that we're still friends because I can be a tish on the cranky-crabby-why-aren't-you-doing-it-my-way side.

But I bought her dinner at Good Earth on Sunday.
As well as a cookie.
So all is well.

Here is my recap of the 2010 3-day....by the numbers!

2400: Number of walkers who participated in the Twin Cities walk.

400: Number of crew members who participated in the Twin Cities walk.

9: Number of team members for our team, Amy's Angels! We had 6 walkers and 3 crew.

3: Number of team members who were new to Amy's Angels! Welcome to Shonta, Debbie and Angi. We were excited to have you join us!

8: Number of PB&J Graham Cracker Sandwiches that I ate during the weekend. DAMN those things are crack in a wrapper.

10: The number of pounds I gained from eating the PB&J Grahams, potato chips and candy. Lots and lots of candy. (we gave the 3-day staff cleaning out the van our left overs. I can't have that crap in my house!)

25: Number of wrong turns I took in the van--even with a GPS. Thank goodness for the fact that I drove this same route last year to know when the GPS was wrong.

10: The number of advil PM I took this weekend to have a good nights sleep.

13: Number of mosquito bites I have after sleeping in a tent.

36: Number of times Angi asked me to pull over because she needed to use the Porta Potty.

4: Number of silly things we saw on the route. Including:
Geese that wouldn't get out of the road:

A restaurant sign next to a large pile of dirt (wonder how their business is doing?)

The name of the building outside of our 5th pit stop on day 2.

A kid on a unicycle.

2: Number of rolls of tape that we burned through to keep our Monopoly signs attached to our van. Morning dew and traveling at 60 miles an hour down Hwy 61 doesn't help.

5: Number of crew members who returned to drive sweep vans....including the girls who last year had the awesome face paint!! I adore these girls!

83: The age of the oldest walker this year. Yes. 83. Think you can't do the walk? Tell that to Margaret who was the spunky woman who did this walk. She rode in our van a few times this weekend, and she always had a smile on her face.

15: Number of times we saw Becky. A woman who is currently a stage 4 cancer patient who is fighting for her life right now. She was hurting, nauseous, and still got out and walked. We kept in touch with her last year and was so excited to see her again. Seems like every time I turned around she was there. I'm keeping my thoughts positive to be able to see her next year at the walk again.

0: the number of walkers who did NOT throw up in my van! WHOOOO! 2 for 2! We were close though. We got a call to pick up a walker who was throwing up at a Grab-n-go. We tried to find where to pick them up and in the time it took us to find it, someone else came by. WHEW!!

Next year, we'll be back, I know. There is talk that our team wants to work a Pit stop location. I don't know if I could do a Pit stop, but I'll still be a part in some capacity!

Thanks for all of your support!


Rebecca Jo said...

I totally laughed at the "10 - the number of lbs I gained"

it freaks me out how GPS's can be wrong...

Doody Mechanical... awesome name!

Love the Drink..pee..no IV sign... that's awesome!

83??? Go Margaret!!!! And love she was always smiling.. I wanna be like that at 83!!!

Becky is my hero! When I'm nauseated, I dont wanna move, be talked to, raise my head or anything - & she was out walking? Giving her a big high five wherever she is today!!!

YIPEEEEEEEE for no puke!!!!!!

scargosun said...

Love the play by play pics!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Becky looks pretty darn amazing in that photo! GO BECKY!

Kelley - thank you for your generous heart. You've taught me well my friend. :)

Jason, as himself said...

Such a good recap from a completely different perspective! What an amazing experience. I love how it brings out the spunky and the fighters in life.