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Friday, February 08, 2008

My E-Mail From Wil Wheaton....

I've copied and pasted this from my 2008 3-day blog should that page no longer be visible in the coming months.

When I first decided to do the 3-day walk, I searched the internet for days trying to find out what the real 3-day walk was like. Not only did I find great information, but on one site, I found photos too.

Those photo's belonged to Wil Wheaton.

You know...the actor from Stand By Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Yeah! Him!

I then found his blog and sent him a little e-mail. Never did I expect a response. But I got one! What's funny is a few of my friends are major sci-fi people and were more excited than I could have ever imagined that Wil Wheaton wrote to me. And of those people--the biggest excitement came from the Big Guy. Who knew!

This is what it said:

Hi Kelly,

Yes! Good for you! Our friend Kris' doctors told us that her positive attitude when she was in treatment for AML made a huge difference for her. She told us that she felt like she had all these people pulling for her, and she wasn't going to let us all down. I think it's awesome that you're going to do the same thing for your friend. It was the hardest and greatest three days of my life. I felt like I was part of something bigger than myself, and it made me feel like I could do anything I wanted to do -- they turn the word Impossible into I'm Possible, and when you get to the end of your first day, you'll know why! And the training is really great, especially if you do it with friends. Just make sure you do your long days, no matter what. Trust me. You're going to love it. Take a pedometer through all your training and the 3 Day; it's cool to see how many hundreds of miles you've put in by the time the whole thing is over.

Take care

How awesome is that! A little "you can do it" encouragement from Wil Wheaton.

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