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Monday, November 26, 2012

San Diego Top 5....in photos!

Last weekend, I went to San Diego for my final Breast Cancer 3-day event.  The 3-day, regardless of the city, is still the 3-day.  Replace humidity with palm trees, replace cookies and treats on the route with jell-o shots and tequila (I'm not kidding), add in awesome walkers and amazing crew and it's the same.  

While in San Diego, we did get to drive around a little before we had our crew day meeting.  Here's my top 5 hits of San Diego....

5.  The Beach.
Oh yes.  We hit the beach.  It may have been cloudy, but we were in shorts and flip flops.  Here are a few pics:


4.  Cheap Food
While we would have our meals provided while on the 3-day event, we did have to budget for a few meals on our own.  After talking with friends, I was directed to Kono Cafe for breakfast and Hodad's for dinner.  Hodad's was featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives.  Both places offered a TON of food for less than $6.  I'll take that!

3.  Community Support for the Walk
I was blown away by support from the community.  I counted 6 news trucks Friday morning.  SIX.  We're lucky if we get one in the Twin Cities.  I loved the news guy from Channel 6 (I looked him up, his name is Ruben)--he tried 4 times to get this shot but continued to get photo bombed by walkers as they were leaving for the route.  I told him when he finished, "You are one patient person!"  he laughed and said, "Girl....you have to be with these people!  It's all good!"  

Think I could get Maggie to do this on our walk?
The Big Guy doesn't think so, either.

When I learned I was going to San Diego, I reached out to Jason to let him know I'd be there and would love to meet him--even if it was just to say "hi".  He agreed!

Sadly, we got no photo together as our meeting was 2 minutes long before crew day.  And because of my role with the 3-day, I was on the go-go-go since that crew meeting on Thursday.  But I got a huge hug and got to meet his awesome team, Safe at Second.  They worked the lunch pit stop and you can read all about his event here.

Thank you, Jason for chatting with me and working the lunch crew!  

1.  My surroundings
Ya'll.  We camped on the bay.  With incredible views.
We ended at Petco Park, where the San Diego Padres play baseball.  I got to sit...in the park...with my girl Cindi....and we were the only ones there.  How cool is that?  To sit at a ball park and have it all to yourself?!?  Here are the fun photos:

Look at this huge palm tree!!

Petco Park....all to myself.

I swear.  I was working hard.  

This is what happens when you spend 3 days
in a tent
with little to no sleep

Thank you San Diego.  
It was awesome way to retire from the 3-day.


Rebecca Jo said...

Fun!!! Yep... if you're going to go out, go out in style... & with palm trees around! :)

Jason, as himself said...

Ohhhh, so that's where you were! All by yourself at Petco Park! You and I really should have taken that photo when we had a chance. Thanks for the shout out!

I loved reading about the San Diego 3-Day from your perspective. Here I thought liquor along the route was commonplace at all of the cities---no? Yes, I love all of the support the San Diego community gives the event. And so beautiful.

So does this mean you are done with 3-days for good, or just for this season? You could be on our team. ;)