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Monday, August 31, 2009

More 2009 3-Day Photos....
As the 3-day 2009 comes to a close, and as we start to plan for next year, I leave you with photos of our team and other people important to us.

Amy handing out her baseball whistles to the group

Kelley going over the maps. For the record, even Kelley got the directions wrong.

Kelley and the Big Guy's Sister (my future Sister-in-law!). Yes! She walked!

Amy's notes from our crew training. Yes. We needed to make note to "Be Appropriate" when talking to and joking with fellow walkers. We promise that we were appropriate at all times. Even when we told people that if they felt ill to get out of our van and wait for the next one.

I'm kidding. We didn't say that.

OK. We did. But only once, and no one was ill. Everyone laughed.

Amy, her niece & nephews who came out to support their mom--who walked.
I asked the kids, "Did you cheer for your mom and make signs?" The oldest nephew said to me, "I made a sign for my mom that said, 'Pick up the pace, mom!' and 'You think walking 60 miles is tough? You should try making this sign.'"
Those kids are a riot. They must get it from Aunt Amy.

Our walkers--Angie, Pam, Jennifer and Diana

Tent City (well, 1/3 of Tent City).

LoAnn and Amy in their tent.

The walkers & Mullet Pig--the Route Safety Man.

Route Safety escorting the last walkers into camp.

Diana during dinner on Day 2. For the record, she wasn't feeling that great. I'm not sure what gives that feeling away....it's a mystery to me.

LoAnn, Amy, Pam, Kelley, Diana & Angie. The walkers were on their way home. We were on our way to the holding area and to find some shade. It was warm!

Amy waiting for the crew meeting to start

The Crew Girls at Closing Ceremonies (Kelley, Amy, Dynessa & LoAnn).
What makes this picture cool is we are all wearing specific 3-day shirts based on our role in the 3-day. Kelley in her sweep crew shirt, Amy in her survivor shirt, Dynessa in her safety shirt and LoAnn in her medical staff shirt.

Why we walk.

A World Free From Breast Cancer.

Thank you to everyone from the Breast Cancer 3-day! See you next year!


Rebecca Jo said...

Just love all the pink!!!!

Can I Live in Tent City? I am in love with those hot pink tents!!!

And that 2nd picture cracked me up with the lady in the background with her arms flying in the air... what the heck?! hehe!!

Love the sign too about you think walking 60 miles is hard... that's great!

hulagirlatheart said...

The pic is my favorite, but I do love the one of tent city. Show us your tents, ladies!

American in Norway said...

Looks like y'all had such a good time doing a good thing... You ROCK!

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Hip Hip Hurray! You are cheered on! Your rock! What a difference you made! Thanks for sharing!

Amie said...

Awsome! I love the PINK Tent City!

Quasi Serendipita said...

The pink tents city is so cool! Visiting from the SITS link-up, happy Christmas :)

Karen said...

I was supposed to do it this year too and I REALLY wish I had. I most definitely will in 2010. Thanks for the inspiration!

Stopping in from SITS. Hope you had a great holiday!