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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How it all began...

Two girls.

Two girls who don't know each other.

Yet these two girls, who don't know each other, suddenly have a lot in common because of one thing.

Breast Cancer.

Yep, the big C. In this case the big BC.

Both girls are in their early 30's and are married.

One is a mom of two boys. The other teaches young boys (and girls too).

Both love to scrap book.

Both love to travel.

Both have siblings.

Both have a circle of friends that stretches far and wide.

Both girls went to the same university--and still don't know each other.

Both girls not only have the big BC in common....but they also have:


One of these girls I met while walking to the new junior high school in 8th grade. She ran track and cross country. She sang in the choir. And I looked up to her (and still do). We discovered during our senior year that we were both going to the same college. I played viola at her wedding (what a disaster that was. Sheet music + ceiling fan turned on before you have to play the wedding march = sheet music under the piano and having to fake your part.).

The other girl I met on a trip to a national conference for residence life & hall government. We were paired together to share a room. I asked if she snored. She asked if I talked in my sleep. We answered no to both questions and the rest is history. She made me promise that when I got engaged she would be the first person I called. When she got engaged, she realized how unrealistic that was and told me never to listen to her silly requests.

Both of these girls were diagnosed in October 2007.

Both of these girls are going through chemo. One girl is on her last round, but has radiation to look forward too. The other girl has some chemo treatments left, but no radiation to worry about.

Both of these girls are strong.

Both of these girls are funny.

Both of these girls have people around them who care for them.

Both of these girls cried when they got their diagnosis.

One of these girls, 12 days after a double mastectomy, posed in a national catalog for a scrapbook company. The other of these girls has a good friend who works for that national scrapbook company.

One of these girls has a sister-in-law who wants to form a team for the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk in Minneapolis the weekend of September 19th to the 21st.

Both of these girls had a friend who said "YES!!" to this suggestion.

Both of these girls had a friend who after she said "yes!" said, "wait!" then "OK" then "I need to buy a treadmill."

So this blog has been put together to show others what I'm doing to train for my walk. I also hope to share stories about both of these strong women so that others know that even the young girls get cancer too.


G's Proud Parents! said...

Both of these girls are blessed to have you in their lives!

Thanks for making me cry at work.

love love love

joanna said...

i've walked tampa 3 times, atlanta once and will walk in tampa again this year for my 5-peat. great story! just had to comment...i'm a 3-day lover, too!