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Friday, May 12, 2000

That's Just Wrong....
I need to apologize up front because I'm going to vent right now.  But I need to vent because what is being asked of me--and anyone else--is just wrong.

Exhibit A:
A screen shot of the e-mail I received from Google reminding me to renew the URL for our 3-day online auction site :

Exhibit B:
The webpage I was taken to when I clicked the "click here" link mentioned in item #1 above:

Do you see what I see?
My account with Google Checkout has been SUSPENDED.
On on top of that....to reactivate it?  I need to send them a copy of my driver's license AND a copy of a billing statement. 

Because when I "click here", it tried to authorize a charge to my credit card on file.  That card was denied because the information Google Checkout has on file for me is not accurate.

Why is my information not accurate?
Because I haven't updated my new address.  So what they have on file (our old address) doesn't match what the bank has on file (the farm address).  I use this ONCE A YEAR for this exact purpose--to pay for the short & sweet URL--so updating it when we moved in March didn't happen. 

Apparently Google has never heard of the phrase Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

After 3 days of e-mails back and forth with Google, they will not allow an exception to policy.  In other words, if I want to keep this little URL for our online auction, I need to cough up not only a copy of my drivers licence but a billing statement too.

All to change an address in the system.

Never mind that I am not comfortable with copies of my personal information being sent to them.  Oh, I hear you....yes....I know it's to protect my identity.  Bless them for being so thoughtful.  But you see, sending them a copy of a billing statement and my drivers license--regardless if I black out the account ID's and they have some fancy privacy policy--isn't OK with me.  Because while they're trying to protect my identity, the information they want is what people use to steal identities.

OK.  I don't think Google is going to steal my identity.
But you get my point.

Sorry Google.
You don't win.
Because you're living a double standard.

What do I mean?

Exhibit C:

It's hard to see (sorry), but the red arrow is pointing to the Amy's Angels 3-day team e-mail address.  That is not my personal e-mail address.  That's the team's address, and I'm the only one with access to it.

Because I'm the administrator, my information is on file (look to the left....all the blacked out stuff....).  So, yesterday I logged into our account, went to the Google Checkout page, and without any hassle....any problems....I was able to update my address on file.

What am I getting at?
Had I gone into my personal account prior to receiving the reminder notice, I could have changed my information with not a blink an eye.  And I wouldn't be venting about Google and their two-sided policy on changing an address.

While our team can go back to the free "blogspot" address....it's clunky, too wordy, and honestly, I'm paying for the convenience of having a short & sweet "dot net" account.

But Google refuses to budge.
And so do I.
And honestly, I don't think it's OK for a company to allow you to change an address so easily in one instance, but not in another.
I'm not a criminal.
We're not doing anything shady.....unless you consider raising money to fight breast cancer shady....

I call bullshit on Google.
Anyone have any experience with Word Press?

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