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Friday, June 01, 2007

Maggie's Adoption Story

We were having brunch with friends when we got onto the topic of dogs.  We mentioned that we’d probably want an older dog, a German Shepherd, perhaps.

The following week, we have a conversation like this over dinner:

Big Guy:  Did you see the paper?
Me:  No, why?
Big Guy:  You’ll have to check it out online.
Me:  (thinking…. “great…what did my college do NOW?”)
Me:  (went online, found story) OH MY GOSH!  WHO WOULD DO THAT TO PUPPIES?!?

Our little Maggie was part of a litter of pups that were abandoned on a country road.  In the 90+ degree heat (with the heat index….120 degrees!). 

Oh.  But the person who dumped them put a bag of dog food under the tree. 
Gee.  Thanks.

A couple was driving by, saw the pups and sprang into action.  They rescued the pups, brought them home, put them into a child’s wading pool to cool them down and made a call to the Humane Society.  By the end of the day, they were in the shelter. 

Because of that couple….our dog is still here today.

The Big Guy and I continued our conversation….

Big Guy:  I know.  It’s sad, isn’t it?
Me:  Yeah.  I hope they get adopted.
Me (thinking…. “Hold on a second….”)
Me:  Wait.  Are you thinking that we should adopt one of those puppies?
Big Guy (under his breath):  Maybe.

I thought about it, too.  A lot.  Two days later I went down to the Humane Society to see about the pups.  I thought for sure they would have a lottery or something with all the people who were interested.  Nope.  They were first come, first served. 

I walked back to their pen and as I was standing there, tears rolling down my face and saying, “this is our dog!”  Before I knew it, I was filling out an application and putting down a $20 deposit.   I sent a text to the Big Guy and said, “meet me here at 4:30 p.m..” 

When the Big Guy met Maggie—he snapped like a cracker.  He, too, knew that Maggie was OUR dog.  We agreed to doing it and the rest is history.