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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Elephant in the Room (no, it wasn't pink)...

My mother is in town.

For the next 3 weeks.

Please send your well wishes for a non-stressful three weeks, too....

No, I'm kidding. I love my mom and I don't see her often enough. But as a child of divorced parents, I lived with my mom full time. Because of this, I was taught at a very early age about Independence. To this day I am so much an independent person that I actually plan some days off while the Big Guy is at work, just because I need some Kelley time.

Yes, I know....it sounds like I don't like the Big Guy because I need to spend time away from him. But if I don't get some Kelley time, I get cranky and frustrated and we've learned that it is needed. In fact, the Big Guy needs time to himself too.

Anyway, on Tuesday my mom and I drove to St Cloud to see Amy (who the 3-day team is named after).

By the way, side note: Amy is now bandanna free and she looks FAB! Short hair is really cute on her. So, Amy--if you read this--I TRIPLE LOVE IT!

We headed up to see Amy to drop off the last of the auction items and have some lunch. Amy was also going on a golf lesson. This is a whole post for another day. I'm excited to hear details because everyone's reaction has been the same: "You're taking a golf lesson?" I hope it was awesome and she picked up a new hobby.

Just for the record, my golf skills are specialized in the mini-golf form.

After lunch we headed home and were met with a circus tent going up in the park across the street from our townhome. When we left in the morning, we saw some horse trailers and some horses tied to the trees. We also saw the making of the tent going up. My thought was a rodeo.

Oh, how wrong I was.

As we pulled up to our townhome, we noticed pony rides for the kids, clowns getting on their make up, and an elephant.

In our backyard.

Don't believe me:

I hate the fact that it is chained to a tree--but I understand that the little gate won't keep in a multi-ton elephant. At least I got to see it being petted and fed treats.
We did not attend the circus, but we got to hear it as we grilled out that night. Nothing says a quiet night in the 'burbs like grilling out and hearing an elephant rear it's trunk.

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