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Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Gopher, Wheel Bearings, and THE JEANS!

Yeah, this is a hodge podge of a post. Let's start from the top, shall we?

The Gopher

He's back (see previous post...one down from this one). And has decided to help himself to my radish plants. I came outside to find that little bugger digging up my radishes and helping himself to a tasty treat. The town home we live in does not allow me to plant a garden, therefore, all my plants are in pots. The other thing to note is that I did NOT inherit my mother's green thumb. I hate planting, gardening, and any yard work in general.

Here is what the little bugger left me:

Go figure.

So, what was next? Ah yes...


I drive an Alero (which, I get 33 MPG, thank you!) and I really like this car. For the last 9 months or so, I keep hearing a rhythmic thump, thump, thump in my tires when I hit about 40 MPH up to 70 MPH (interstate speed here in MN). I've had that noise looked at countless times. I've been told that it was not a wheel bearing or a bad tire. I had those tires balanced, rotated, aligned more times than I can count. I have also had tire rods replaced and many other things. After another rotation and balance I stated that the thump, thump, thump was still there. They check it and stated:

It's a wheel bearing.


Why is it a wheel bearing now and not back in September. After a lengthy discussion and a few raised eyebrows from the guy at the garage, I finally accepted the fact that I had to replace this bearing.

$480 dollars later, I have a new bearing, but could have sworn that on the way home I heard the noise again. But then again, I couldn't be for sure. Ugh. I hate car stuff.


While the car was getting a new bearing, I headed over to the Eden Prairie Center. Now, prior to this, did take a 6 mile walk--up hill both ways.

Yes...both ways.

And no, I was not barefoot nor was it snowing. It may be Minnesota, but it does not snow in July.

If you want to check out that story, check out my 3-day Blog.

While at the mall, I went into Lane Bryant and was searching the 40-50% off racks and stopped dead in my tracks.

I found them.

The jeans.

Wanna know more about the jeans? Check out this post from Boo Mama.

These are some SASSY, SASSY jeans my friends. I love the flare, because honestly, who wears skinny jeans? Not this girl. My big-ol-rear should NOT be wearing some skinny jeans. They were bad in the 80's and they're still bad today.

The best part about these jeans? $15.


Cha-ching! Thank you Lane Bryant. And thank you BooMama for the insight!

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