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Monday, August 11, 2008

I Swear I Took Geography....

My mom is in town (still) and we were watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics on Friday night.

I always love watching the opening ceremonies. I still remember way back when (in 1996) when the Olympics were in Atlanta. I loved how Janet Evans ran the Olympic flame up to Mohamed Ali and he lit the cauldron.

Now don't tell me that THAT didn't make you just cry red, white and blue tears!

So, during the ceremonies I heard the following comments from my mother

On the outfits the girls from Hungary wore
"Boy, that is butt ugly" (click here for a preview)

On the roll call of countries
"I swear I took geography, but where in the world is Saint Kitts and Nevis?"

On the fact that some countries only have one athlete
"Well, that pretty much guarantees that you get to be the flag carrier doesn't it?"

Regarding the fireworks
"Do you think that they got a good deal on those fireworks considering most fireworks are made in China or some other Asian country?"

Personally I enjoyed the opening ceremonies. Here is my take on it:

Best Opening Ceremony Duty
The guy who lit the cauldron. That guy got to be suspended above everyone and made it look like he was running around the top of the Birds Nest. Seriously...how cool was that!

Coolest Moment
Besides running around the top of the stadium, I would have to say the 2008 drummers who did the count down on the lit drums. Now that was cool.

Funniest Moment
When President Bush was caught looking at his watch while slumped in his chair in the VIP box. Oh, GW. Enough said.

Moment that Created an "awww" Factor
When the little boy from China who walked in the ceremonies with Yao Ming. That little boy was so proud and the story is that he saved 2 children from his class when the earthquake hit earlier this year. He said, "I had to help, I'm the hall monitor". The hall monitors in my elementary school just wrote us up for running in the halls and got to bring the milk for milk break. I doubt they would have come back to save us if the building caved in. Plus, to see him next to Yao Ming--how cute was that!

The "Huh?" Moment
What was up with that giant painting that everyone was making? Did you see that? They had giant "stamp pads" for people to walk through and then walk across a canvas. What's going to happen with that thing? And why didn't people change it up a bit? Take your pink shoes and walk in a normally green area.

There you go. My take on the opening ceremonies with my mother.

For Christmas, she's getting a globe.


hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! Hilarious post. My mother makes observations like that. I love, love, love the Olympics. And did you notice President Bush has an enormous scrape on his right elbow?

S'More Of My Thoughts said...

Oh my goodness - sooooo funny!!! Love your vs. your mom's take on things. And I agree ... what ARE they going to do with that 'art' that their shoes made? I thought the same thing about putting a footprint on another color. Think it'll make its way into the closing ceremony? (I wandered in from Cindy's blog)