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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Relationship Reflection....

Before I started work this morning, I did a little blog-hopping. One of the blogs I read, this young lady was talking about random life and what not and she started talking about her boyfriend. I deducted via the posts I read that she's close to my age (mid-30's). And in her blog she had a post that talked about the fact that her boyfriend would always be that--her boyfriend. In other words, the boyfriend was not husband material.

I am happy that she discovered this now--and not 10 years into a marriage.

But when I read posts like that, I start to doubt my own relationships. And I have no idea why.

And to be honest, I hate that I do it. Because there is nothing to doubt.

I've been seeing the Big Guy for 3 years. We met online (Match.com if you're keeping tabs) and started seeing each other 2 weeks before I moved to camp.

That says a lot right there that a guy would hold onto the fact that he wouldn't really see me at all that summer--but would wait around to find out.

Oh, we've had our ups and downs like any couple. We don't see eye to eye on politics (I'm a democrat, he's an independent), religion (I'm a Lutheran, he's a lapsed Unitarian), or gun control (I hate guns--even though I know how to shoot one and grew up around them, and he has a gun or, two, or 10). I get frustrated that he loads the dishwasher other than I like, hate that he leaves his socks in a ball, and worry about his health. I also hate the fact that I'm the only one who cleans the house--but we all know that if I asked him to clean, I'd re-do it anyway.

Yes. I would.

But there isn't one thing that I can't list that makes me say, "Yeah, no....this isn't worth it."

Because even though he puts the glasses at the back of the dishwasher, or won't vote for a certain politician who's name starts with O, I can't imagine life without him.

He's the first one I want to call when work is a pain in the rear end.

He's the first one I want to call when I have good news or even bad news.

He's the one who I think about sitting next too at family functions playing with the kiddos and being a gentle giant, but then turning around to be the stern father.

I know I can't change the blogging world. As much as I would like to send out a memo that says, "Please do not talk about how you're questioning your relationships", I can't. Because a blog is an open diary. And a diary is personal and that means they can write what ever they want.

I just have to be strong willed to say, "That's them. Not me."

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