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Monday, September 22, 2008

More 3-Day Photos....

Here are some additional 3-day photos. For those 3-day people who are stopping by to see the photos, enjoy!

All of the mail I got at camp. How much? That would be 42 letters. Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

Our tent with the Amy's Angels flag

Amy with the Pink Bearded Safety Guy. His Amy (the person on his arm band) was diagnosed in August and is "...in bad shape." Be sure to say a prayer if you've got 'em!

Me and the Big Guy at closing ceremonies

Luggage pick up on Day 1. Obviously a black bag with a pink ribbon is not unique.

Michelle carrying the "Turning Points" flag.

Katie and Amanda with Mullet Pig--the safety guy (he was a riot!).

Day 3, as the walkers cross the road. Look at all the walkers! Holy Cow!

Angie, Amanda and Jennifer with the "Best Friends" flag.

Pam L. & Jennifer getting settled into their tent.

Me being a complete cheese ball. This is well before the huge walk down Sheppard Road and up the incline before lunch. I was not this perky after that event.

The team before we headed out on Day 1 in our matching Lundseth sponsor shirts! These shirts got lots of attention from the fellow walkers from North Dakota.

One of the many signs on the route. How true is that!?!?

The fire station we passed on Day 2. That's not a W on their truck!

Me and one of the Minnetonka Cheerleaders. GO! FIGHT!! WIN!!!

This woman was on her 95th walk. She's doing 6 walks this year alone and has raised over a million dollars for breast cancer research. She's an older woman who could out walk any grandma I know.

Amanda showing off her tape job for her blister and hot spots!

Two cute girls in a tent!

Amy after getting taped up on her blisters. She said to me, "Kelley, take a photo of my feet." My reply was, "Really? You want a photo of your feet?"

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Bill Stidham said...

I realize this is almost a year to the day, but THANKS! You raised some money for a good cause and you helped keep people aware of breast cancer. By the way, I am a son of a over forty year survivor. THANKS AGAIN AND GOD BLESS YOU!