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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Observation at the Bus Stop...

I've shared before that I commute to downtown Minneapolis on the bus. With gas prices as high as they are, it really is out of necessity.

My bus is actually quite nice. At work, I call it "the swanky bus" because it is quite upper-crust. Think Greyhound for the commuter set. Reclining seats, reading lights, air vents. It's quite nice.

Over the last few weeks, we've had different bus routes due to construction. It's been a bit of a bonus for me with the 3-day walk. I get off much earlier & walk to the office. When I leave work for the day, I walk 5 extra blocks, even though the bus picks up right outside my building. And though it's a bonus for the walk, it's also out of necessity. I want a seat!

While at my new bus stop over the last few weeks, I've noticed a very well dressed man. He's got very nice shoes, coat, shirt, tie, and even a great hat. In fact, he reminds me of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, the famous Minneapolis music producers who've worked with Janet Jackson, Brittany Spears and Prince.

However, the ski goggles he's wearing are a bit of a distraction.

Yes. That's right. Ski goggles.

Now, I'm not picking on the guy for wearing ski goggles. He is obviously wearing them for a reason--medical or otherwise. And yes, I've thought about asking him. But by the time I get to the bus stop, he's either getting on his bus, or I'm getting on mine.

It does make you wonder though, doesn't it?

But as much as I'd like to think that he's channeling his inner Hugh Grant from the movie Notting Hill....well...I doubt it. (Need a Notting Hill refresher? Go here, at 1:33)

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