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Monday, October 13, 2008

Say What?

I try my best not to talk politics or religion on my blog. After all, there is more to life than politics and religion.

But this weekend, I saw a clip of a McCain town hall meeting that made me sit there wide eyed in disbelief.

And to top it off....it was here in my home state of Minnesota.

The town hall meeting was in Lakeville, a Twin Cities suburb that is at the far southern end of the metro. It is one of those towns that you not only have the city, but the country well within the city limits.

You've seen the clip I'm sure. An older woman (probably in her 70's) said to McCain that the idea of Obama being president scares her because "he's an Arab."

McCain, thankfully, said "No, ma'am, he's not."

What scares me is that there are people who still think that Obama is a closet Muslim (which automatically makes him Arab, apparently). How many times does Obama have to come forward to say, "I'm a Christian and I'm an American" before people will believe him?


1 comment:

hulagirlatheart said...

I know. It's crazy. If I get one more email about that I'm going to scream. What's wrong with people?