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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thirty-something Random Things About Me....

Today is my birthday! And my day so far has consisted of finding a note stuck to the bathroom mirror from the Big Guy. I then cleaned the house, ran into town to return the jacket that I got for my birthday (it just didn't fit right), returned some holiday gifts that turned out to be the wrong ones, and now I'm sitting at my favorite coffee place, Caribou Coffee, enjoying some coffee drinks and surfing on the internet.

Oh, I know what you're saying, "Why are you surfing at Caribou? Why not at home?" I would. But our internet is down. That's what happens when you get the Dish Network and they have to go in through your cable jacks--and your internet is through the cable company. Whoops!

Anyway, I wanted to do this post on my birthday because I thought it would give folks some insight as to who I am....

You're sitting on pins and needles aren't you?

30-something Random Things About Me....

1. I'm an only child. Many people tell me, "...you don't act like an only child." I have yet to really understand what that means.

2. I haven't always lived in Minnesota. I was born in VA (parents were in the Army), and have lived in Ohio, North Dakota, Kentucky, Michigan and now back to Minnesota.

3. I've worked in higher education since 1996 when I knew I could no longer be in college forever.

4. OK, I took 5 years off to work for the most awesome summer camp in the world full time.

5. I've had the privilege to work at camp with some "famous" people including Slade Bradbury who was on Fear Factor Twins episode (and won) and Jen Bertrand who just recently won the HGTV Design Star.

6. It was at camp in 2004 that I climbed the largest outdoor climbing wall in Minnesota (it's at the camp).

7. I was able to get my butt up that climbing wall because during the winter and spring of 2004 I was able to lose over 60 pounds on the South Beach Diet.

8. Yes, I am currently back on the South Beach Diet, but I'm happy to report that I have not gained back all of that weight (only about 15). Thank you!

9. Because I worked at camp, I have some of the most amazing friends ever and they live near and far. Some as far away as Australia, England & Ireland.

10. I am allergic to penicillin & kiwi fruit. Did you know that most people who are allergic to penicillin are also allergic to kiwi? It's true! So, unless you want to see me swell up like a puffer-fish, I would leave the kiwi out of the fruit salad.

11. My parents are divorced and have been since I was 6.

12. My dad is not married, but my mom is.

13. My dad lives in Ohio, my mom lives in Montana.

14. I met my fella--the Big Guy--online at Match.com. Cheesy I know. But he is "my match".

15. I went to college to earn my BA at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. It was in English. No comments on the poor grammar or spelling because trust me, I know.

16. Because I went to UND I am a big time Fighting Sioux hockey fan. If you went to any rival school, I'm sorry, but we probably shouldn't talk during hockey season.

17. I earned my Master's at Murray State University in Kentucky. While I would not change anything about that experience, I can say that I am not a MSU sports fan. Sorry Racers. Loyalty, people. Loyalty.

18. I started out my career in higher education as a residence hall director (where I was in charge of the "dorm" and its staff.). Oh. The stories I could tell you.

19. Maybe the reason I'm not an MSU sports fan is because the basketball team lived in my building. They make up 90% of my stories while working at MSU--and those stories aren't always about good behavior.

20. During the election, the Big Guy and I were on opposite sides. Just to grind his ax a little bit I have a t-shirt for my candidate and I wear it all the time.

21. I walked in the Breast Cancer 3-day Walk (check out links to the right) and next year will be on the crew. Who knew that the camp skills of putting up tents, dropping off luggage and working in food service would come in handy? That sound you hear are the camp directors from camp laughing out loud because they know I hate physical labor.

22. Because of the walk, we started another project, "Cards by Amy's Angels" and you'll have to go check it out! Click here for details. In fact, it's been a popular site to visit and we even got a shout out by one of my favorite blogs, Boo Mama (that was BY FAR the best birthday gift ever!) THANK YOU BOO MAMA!!

23. Now that it's the holiday season, I'll tell you this--I am not a fan of the song, The Holiday Season by Andy Williams. Maybe it was working in retail back in 2000 and this song was played all the time. That "whoop-dee-do-and-dickory-dock" part drives me nuts. In case you're wondering, my favorite holiday song is "The Holly and the Ivy." Pick up a little George Winston and check it out.

24. Speaking of music, it wasn't until last year that I broke down and bought my first iPod. And I love it. In fact, if you hate the fact that your ear buds don't fit your ears--check out this. I love these.

25. As I put up the Christmas stuff yesterday I realized that I have a lot of snowman stuff. A lot. I like snowmen because you can leave them up past New Years. But in keeping with my strict rules, I do take them down at the end of January. Quick shout out to my mom for the awesome birthday package with homemade snowman stuff--including 2 table runners. I'll be sure to showcase them in the Boo Mama Holiday Home Tour.

26. Even though I've taken on the Card's by Amy's Angels project--I often don't have the patience for card making and scrap booking. I think it has to do with working at Archiver's for two years to make a little extra cash. If I saw another embossing kit or glitter enhanced card stock....

27. When I was in high school, I took Russian. "Я говорю по-русски плохо" (I speak Russian poorly)

28. When I was in college, I tried to take Russian again to fulfill my language credits. I dropped it for Norwegian. "Jeg kan snakke litt Norske!" (I can speak a little Norwegian)

29. While in high school I actually went to the Ukraine of the Soviet Union, as well as Czechoslovakia and Hungary. This was before they were broken into small little countries!

30. I've never been to Norway,but it is on the list. My grandfather is 100% Norwegian. Go figure, living in Minnesota, eh! When he was a child he went to school--which was taught in English, and then came home where they only spoke Norwegian. To this day when he says the number "3" it sounds like "tree".

31. I have one small addiction. It is called Facebook. I've connected with high school classmates, I've connected with college friends, I've connected with camp friends....I love it. And no, I'm not too old and neither are you. So get over there!

32. Blogging has been a fun addition to my life. I've come across some great blogs and even greater people. This has been a great way for me to share my thoughts! However, I will never, never, ever blog about people at work. Sorry!

33. I am the oldest grandchild on my mom's side of the family. As I get older I have a hard time thinking of my mom any older than 40 (did you hear that? She said, "Bless you, my child."). I also can't think of my grandfather any older than 60. After visiting with my cousin Karla yesterday (she highlighted my hair--she's so stinkin' talented!) we both agreed with this point. I didn't have the heart to tell her how old I was going to be today.

34. Speaking of age, I thought I was actually one year younger than I actually am today. Yes, I had a Jack McFarlin moment from Will and Grace when he thought he was 29 and he was actually 31.

35. The Big Guy got pulled over for speeding the other day and got out of his ticket. This reminded me of the time I got pulled over driving from the airport in a camp van. There was myself, a counselor, the counselor's sister (who was a camper) and a 2nd camper. I got back to camp, told the camp director what happened, just as the 2nd little camper was calling home and said, "The counselor driving the van got pulled over!!".

36. Every year I make it a point to have my holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving. I am, however, not done. I'm still waiting for my mom & step dad's list (ahem...).

37. It was one year ago today that Amy had her first chemo treatment. I am thankful that she is OK and that she always has a way to remember my birthday--even if it is for cancer (darn cancer!).

If you made it all the way through this boring list--wow! I'm impressed.

Now go reheat some left-over turkey, and enjoy your Saturday.


Tater Mama said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your day has been and continues to be wonderful!

I loved your list! I also love the way your write. It's like sitting down at the table with you and having a conversation over a cup of coffee! (Or, at least, what I imagine that might be like...!)

Enjoy your day!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Happy Birthday Sister! Hope it was awesome... befitting you, of course. :)

Dorkys Ramos said...

Happy birthday!!

Jason, as himself said...

This was not a boring list, you silly.

And I hope you had a really wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

I hope you did have a fabulous birthday! I loved the list, and feel compelled to say "GO SIOUX!" I'm with you...the other teams just don't measure up!
I'm starting South Beach tomorrow...how are you doing on it? I'm hoping to "use" you for motivation...and ummm, ACCOUNTABILITY!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...and congrats on the BOO MAMA shout out! That's awesome!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday a few days late! I made it all the way to the bottom of the list ;)