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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

United We Stand, Divided We Fall....

Tonight I read a few blogs--and a lot of facebook status'--that made me say, "hummm....". What was in common with the blogs and facebook, you ask (besides the fact that they are a HUGE time waster...) ??

The outcome of the election.

My camp friend Justin, said it best on his facebook page, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall."

I know that over 63 million people are happy that Senator Obama won the election.

I also know that 56 million people are not.

And while I know that my blog does not reach 56 million people (can you imagine the comments? Uff da!), we have to accept the fact that Senator Obama has won. We need to pick up and move on. We need to trust that he's going to do the best job possible.

We also have to stop the negativity. He wasn't elected just because he is African American. He wasn't elected to make America a socialist state. He wasn't elected to upset those who strongly oppose abortion. He wasn't elected because of your taxes. He wasn't elected as a joke to see if someone who was a community organizer can really lead the country.

We also need to remember that Senator Obama is an American. Who is Christian. He is not an Arab nor is he a Muslim.

He was elected because 63 million people are tired of what America currently is. They want to have hope, opportunity, and positive change. They want a president who is honest who thinks about everyone, not just a small group like so many in government already do.

So, my bloggy readers, I encourage you--regardless of who you voted for, please. We need to stop making those that voted the opposite of us feel bad for their choice.

Remember, united we stand. Divided we fall.

I found this on YouTube and I think it sums it up pretty well (....no worries...it is kid and work friendly!)


Note: I'm having issues embedding videos. I just can't seem to do it! Anyone willing to help? GRRR!


Jane! said...

You have any lefse over here? I am going to have to visit more often, just so I can say Uff da!

hulagirlatheart said...

Amen, sister. Amen. I was appalled yesterday at a couple of comments I heard.

Aubrey said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Well said!

zenmom said...

Awesome. Really. Well said.