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Friday, November 07, 2008

Winter Has Arrived....

Last night I got home from work and as I watched the news, they talked about the blizzards that were hitting North Dakota and South Dakota.

Oh, how I do not miss North Dakota winters. When I was in school at the University of North Dakota (GO SIOUX!!), I remember that there was always a preferred path that you took to class. I lived over in the Wilkerson complex and all of the residence halls were connected to the complex (where you ate, got your mail, use the computer lab, etc) by tunnels.

Yes. Tunnels!

On cold days, I'd take the tunnel to Wilkerson, walk as fast as I could from Wilkerson, across the Coulee (pronounced cool-ee. It's a river. Which smelled TERRIBLE in the spring.), over to Gamble Hall. I would then cut through Gamble and over to Merrifield. Thankfully, 99% of my classes were in Merrifield.

Now, you're probably wondering--how cold was it? It can't be that bad.

Oh. You have no idea.

See this girl? See her Lands End coat with the hood, that is filled with down? Notice how the hood is up and pulled tight?

Notice how long the coat is, past her knees?

EVERYONE had a coat similar to this. You didn't know who you were walking with or walking towards on the UND campus in the winter. With hoods up, scarves around your face, gloves on your hands, and a back pack on your back--the only thing you saw were a person's eyes!

Oh...and forget about doing your hair. I went to UND in the early 90's, when the high bangs (also known as "the claw") were well in style. While I had short hair, I still managed to get some height up front.

Oh yes I did. I may not have used aqua net, but I could do some damage with some Paul Mitchell spritz and a hair dryer.

Anyway, today was no exception. I woke up this morning, got ready for work, and at 6:00 a.m. when I pushed the button to open the garage door I was the lucky recipient of at least an inch of wet, heavy snow.

I was not prepared for this. Not at all. I'm not very happy with the weather department at KARE-11 right now. Last time I checked, there is a big difference between "snow around dinner time Friday evening" to "snow when you wake up on Friday morning."


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Ahhh yes... the college tunnels... we had them where I went to school too - and skyways... but the trek from the dorm over... ARGH!!!!!!!!


VERY VERY COLD!!!!!!!!!!!

And NoDak... my dad used to live in Minot. I would visit.... in the Winter.... there aren't words.

scargosun said...


Tater Mama said...

Oh, snow! Beautiful snow! Feel free to post some pictures for those of us who are frozen-precipitationally-challenged!! :) We either get sloshy slush or ice if we get anything at all.

Stay warm!

I'll send your recipes a little later!

Aubrey said...

Ooooh! I so don't envy you right now. LOL
We had a special kind of cold in NE too. I hate winters back home!

Jen said...

UGH snow! Not to make you totally hate me - but it's 70 degrees and sunny here in Texas. You could come down here to warm up a bit! =)

Hipmomofboyz said...

Snow...what is that? It is 70-80 degrees in Texas and we are still wearing shorts and flip-flops

gingela5 said...

Tunnels?! That's awesome! My husband had to go to North Dakota for business in the month of February a couple of years ago--he said he has NEVER been so cold as he was there. It got down to 76 below zero with the windchill! Yikes!

hulagirlatheart said...

When I worked in television, I had friends who tried to get hired at KARE because it paid so well, and had such a good reputation. I, however, made no such effort. I cannot live in a place where it snows this early and lingers until Memorial Day. I'm just not that strong.