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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!
Oh my goodness....if this is what Antarctica is like, I don't want to visit.

Holy Pajamas! It's cold outside. And not just your average 20 degree day. We're talking -11 degrees when I left to go to work.

Yes, that is read "Minus 11 degrees" where I live (or "negative 11" take your pick). I almost wish that when it was this cold we would have mandatory snow days--not just for the kids, but for the adults too. One where you don't have to use a vacation day or PTO. If we had a snow day at least I could spend the day looking at Boo Mama's amazing Christmas Home Tour 2008. Over 700 people (yes, SEVEN HUNDRED) signed up. That's a lot of holiday decoration love!

With it being this cold, I tried my best to ask the Big Guy if I could park in the garage without actually asking if I could park in the garage. It went something like this:

Me: I'm not looking forward to starting my car tomorrow morning.
BG: Let it warm up before you go.
Me: But it sounds like it's groaning when I start it.
BG: Yes, because it's cold.
Me: Huh
BG: Maybe we need to get you a heater for your car?
Me: I'd take an automatic car starter over a heater
BG: It's good to want things.

Those of your from anywhere south of the Minnesota/South Dakota border are probably saying, "a heater? Doesn't your car have a heater?" Yes. Yes it does. But not that kind of heater. He's talking about a head bolt heater. This little bugger is attached to your oil pan. You then plug your car in at night. The heater keeps the oil warm and it is easier to start your car.


You know you're "up north" when you see a car with a plug hanging out the front like this:

Welcome to the frozen tundra that I call Minnesota!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Ahhh yes... i remember well "plugging in the car" back in the day....

I so want an automatic starter... but i want good instructions with it because my friend had one, and one day her little toddler type people were playing with her key fob and somehow or another pushed the right buttons so that every 20 minutes her car was starting up, running for 20 minutes, and then shutting off for 20 minutes... and it did that all night... and she was low on gas.

That would not be a good thing.

But he's right - it IS good to want things.

Tater Mama said...


Oh. My. Word. I can't even imagine.

My great-aunt and uncle lived in Minneapolis, and now I understand why, after spending Christmas in Tennesse with us, they headed to Scottsdale, AZ for several weeks!


Tater Mama said...

This one is totally unrelated to your post. A friend of mine and I are thinking about doing a 2-day walk -- maybe the one in Charlotte. We figure it'll take each one of us that long to raise the money! Anyway, if you have any thoughts or advice, I'd love it! You know, since you're a pro and all!

Shelley said...

Yikes. The coldest I have ever been was one time on vacation it was 9 degrees.

JJ said...

Well just to let you know it was still -18 here at the bus stop that morning. Yes, school was still on up here in even more Northern MN. We got a recorded call from the school district saying we had the option of keeping our kids home. It was -38 somewhere out on the Iron Range. My car, in the garage, was not happy to start either.

Aubrey said...

Ah yes. We had record breaking lows here in CO.
I had to laugh at the plug hanging out. Good times. LOL
Did you park in the garage??

hulagirlatheart said...

Holy cow, that's cold!! A heater for your car? I've never seen that. LOL. You ARE in the tundra.