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Thursday, December 04, 2008

I Heart The Duggar Family....
You probably think I'm nuts for writing this. But I do!

I really am fascinated with the Duggar Family.

I know you've heard about them. The family with 17 kids ranging in ages from 20 to infant. To top it off, the mother, Michelle, is pregnant again and is due in early January.

I don't know what it is that I love about this family. But here are some top things to ponder:

1. Is it because this family has 17 children and not one of them has their own room? Well, besides the oldest who just got married and is no longer living in the house.
2. Is it because the girls all wear dresses? And not a skirt that is above the knee. Though the dress may be technically a skirt (as it's a separate article of clothing), it is ankle length. I have not seen any of them in a pair of shorts, or a pair of cute capri pants.
3. Maybe it has to do with the fact that all the boys wear the same hairstyle. Wait. The girls do too! Long hair, swept bangs behind the ear. All the same.
4. Speaking of the same, maybe I like the fact that all their names start with J.
5. Is it because they live debt free? Debt free. With 17 kids. Please tell me how they do that because I've got a lovely school loan and car loan I'd like to float their way.
6. Is it because they drive everywhere in a tour bus?
7. Is it because all of the kids play the piano and the violin?
8. Is it because they don't really watch TV, yet they have a reality TV show?
9. Perhaps it's because they built their own home from the ground up.
10. Maybe it's because their oldest, before getting married, never really dated his wife before he proposed. He saved his first kiss for his wedding day, as did his wife. Now that's commitment!

Whatever it is, Monday nights I'm hooked like a crochet needle making a scarf.

The mother, Michelle, is so calm and patient with her kids. And Jim Bob, the father, never seems to get upset. What's crazy is that I don't know if I want kids--yet watching this show makes me want to move next door just so I can ask Michelle on a daily basis, "How in the world do you do it, girl?"


Rachel Ann said...

Good observations!

I can't say that I LOVE the Duggars, but they really are compelling and make you want to watch every week!

1. Technically, the oldest still doesn't have his own room...since he shares with his wife! :)

2. Girl's clothing...did you watch when they went swimming? I don't mind the skirts, but the swimming outfits they had? Hmmmm....

5. I'd like to be debt free too...so if you figure it out let me know!

8. Interesting thought about TV.

10. My friends and I have been having MULTIPLE discussions about his "dating".

Good food for thought here!

Jane! said...

Marriage without dating? I think that might be a bit off the pavement.
If I get my own reality show, I promise to be debt-free, too.
Kidding aside, I had all I could do to keep two kids straight on their personalities and needs and middle names. I wonder how you are able to keep all 18 in a unique spot in your mind.

jcbroske said...

I love this show and all the points you made I have spoken about with others, I think they are amazing. They originally had a couple one hour specials on TLC before they became a series. I have no children but love this show and Jon and Kate plus Eight(those kids are adorable- although mom is a we bit OCD if you ask me) My husband saw I had set this show up to record on the DVR and all he said is 18? I don't want to know.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. The Duggars. Don't really know what to think about them...I admit their debt free lifestyle is admirable, but some of their ideas are STRANGE!

I guess that's what makes it fun to watch though!

Michele said...

I agree. It's like taking a step back in time. So unusual and yet refreshing.

momma said...

(here via sits)

we watch the duggar family, too. i did have the same ? as you did for #8. that was kind of ironic, i thought.

Caren said...

Laughing... I came across your blog from The Pioneer Woman and LOVED this entry! I watch the show too... I have 5 kids and it is NEVER that calm around here. Wow. Well thanks for the message and look forward to reading more of your entries in the future.