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Saturday, December 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged....

Tag! I'm it!

Shelley tagged me on her blog (read her tag post here and then look around. Her blog is super fun!) and I am supposed to share 7 random things about myself.

Oh. You're in for a treat. Ready?

1. I peel oranges using a spoon. It's easier and I don't get the orange pith under my nails or around my cuticles.

2. I used to be a certified archery instructor. If I were to ever be on Survivor and they had a challege with archery, my team would so win the challenge.

3. I have a slight obsession with philosophy bath & body products. I especially love this, this and this.

4. I cannot do any sort of craft project with my mother. My mother is a perfectionist. I am not. When I was making neck coolers for the 3-day walk (which really didn't work, by the way), she about passed out when I didn't measure the material at exactly 3.25 inches. She told me, "I can't watch this" and had to look away. I told her this was a good exerice in letting go.

5. I hate haunted houses. The haunted house at the Minnesota State Fair is the worst. Ask my friends Jake and Andre' about the time they made me go through it. By the time we were done, I had Andre's shirt pulled so tight in my hands that I had it twisted into a ball. I felt bad that I stretched out his shirt, but I was freaked out!

6. I am guilty of checking my e-mail at least 100 times a day (OK, not that much...). I have no idea why I do it, but I do.

7. I love cashews. I could eat a whole container in one sitting.

Part of the fun of tagging is that I'm now to choose 7 people to tag. Which is hard because some people love the tagging stuff and other's don't. Therefore, I'm going to do this:

People who read my blog....if you are looking for something to write about, why not play along and do the 7 Random Things About You? I know I'd love to learn more about you and so would the other folks who read your blog.

Come on along!

1 comment:

Eudea-Mamia said...

I didn't know we were long lost siblings! #4 sounds way too familiar. I like to leave my laundry lying around in piles when my mom is around - drives her insane. A little tit for tat. Heee heee.

I'm totally stealing that spoon/orange idea. Brilliant!

I'm actually doing a Gratitude List for my 100st post on Monday - a whole lot of random facts going on in there.