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Friday, January 09, 2009

Jeg vil være på Norsk Fjernsyn...
(I want to be on Norwegian TV)

Oh. My. Word.

Can it be? A way to get to Norway by being on Norwegian Reality TV?

Check this out....

So, I'm thinking of ways to promote the Amy's Angels card blog (we haven't had requests for cards in about 2 weeks) and I clicked on a local TV website. Under their community links I see this. Seems as though the Norwegians are looking for Norwegian Americans to be in a sort of Amazing Race type show in Norway.


People who read my blog.....I WANT THIS!

1. I heart Norway.
2. I'm Norwegian (did you see my blog address...OSMUNDSON...)
3. I took Norwegian as a language in college for my language requirement for 2 years (unlike my friend Amy who got out of 1 year of her language credits. Ahem.)
4. We eat lefsa. I even have a lefsa rolling pin!
5. At every holiday get together there is pickled haring on the table.
6. I KNOW the Norwegian National Anthem (OH YES I DO!).

Granted, my Norwegian teacher at UND would raise her eyebrows and say, "Kelley? The girl who wrote on a Norwegian exam that she drove through the mountains on an open faced sandwich while drinking a goat?" (true story)

YES! Me! I want this.

But I need help. I need to make a video. One that stands out. One that says to the directors, "Oh my good Lord. We need that girl on the show!"

Ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

I have until the 25th to submit it--so give me some feedback!



Jane! said...

Ja, but are you Loo-tren and can you do sum roze-malling? (Did that sound like my best Minnorwegian accent?)
I see your lefse rolling pin and raise you a lefse grill and even a lefse COZY! I'm a lefse professional, doncha know.

Good luck with your project. I would think that whatever you do, you should at least be wearing a Dale sweater on your video.

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Things you should include in your video:
1. an open-faced sandwich
2. a goat
3. your lefse rolling pin
4. your passport
5. the big guy

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

That's cool... sorry I don't have any great video advice... but i can wish you mounds of good luck!!

"Nana's Box"

Anonymous said...

Are you not the child that when we had relatives go to Norway all you wanted was Calvin & Hobbs books written in Norwegian?
That alone speaks volumes.

hulagirlatheart said...

Perhaps it should have a racing theme? Racing for lefsa, racing a goat. You get the idea. How fun!

Nancy said...

How about some rommegrot wrestling - that might make you more reality show material - LOL!

Little Dude's Mama said...

Find some frozen water.
Called ice in the MN.
Cut a big hole.
Jump in.
Act like it's no big deal.
Good luck!