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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Observations at the Bus Stop, Part 3....
I feel like a bloggy slacker lately. Works been a little busy, I've been researching places to get married in Las Vegas (seriously!) and I've also been trying to stay warm in this unbelievable cold snap.

Wanna know how cold it is? This morning, it was -6 with a windchill of around -30. And it's supposed to be worse tomorrow.

Let's just say starting your car in the morning--when you don't get the garage spot--is a crap shoot. Will it start? Won't it? Why didn't I get that heater put in? Why do remote starters cost so much? blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, I still take the bus into downtown and doing so requires smart layering. You can't layer so much that you look like the kid off of the movie, A Christmas Story. You know, the one where he gets all bundled up and says, "I can't put my arms down!"

You also can't risk not layering enough because depending on how many blocks you have to walk (me? I walk 4), you could end up freezing toes, legs and noses.

This morning I get to the bus stop right as the bus pulled in and I walked up to get in line. As we file onto the bus I can't help but notice a young lady a few people ahead of me wearing leopard print shoes with a modest heel. Very cute shoes--though not for me. I then happened to catch a glimpse of pink.

Sister was wearing peep toe pumps.

Either she's suffered frost bite and has no feeling in her toes--or she's forgot it's winter! There is snow on the ground and the sidewalks! Seriously?

She was also the same person who was new to the bus and had to ask our bus driver "How much is it?" to be answered with "...you need to pay with exact change because we can't make change." She stood there for quite some time digging to the depths of her Coach purse looking for any sort of change she could to pay the $3 fare.

Note to those who are new to the bus: do your homework. Find out how much it costs before you get on the bus. Thanks.

As we get downtown, I get off at my stop and I noticed that she was sitting in her seat with a blanket over her lap.

So, it's warm enough to wear peep toe shoes, but cold enough on the bus that you need a blanket?



Mommy of M's said...

I don't think I could ride the bus to work!! I like having my car.

Plus that would just secure my spot in he!!, b/c I would end up making fun of EVERYONE!

sticky said...

In Vegas, try the Little Church of the West - very nice, beautiful, actually.

Pumps in Minnesota in the winter...brrr. freezing me, just thinking about it. Thta's one thing I don't miss, the cold (and the giant mosquitos in the summer)

Jason, as himself said...

Noooooooooooooooooo. Oh, nooooooooooooooooooo.

jcbroske said...

Vegas is great!! Do your homework I know a few peeps who got married at the Bellagio--if you do just the wedding there it does not cost as much and is very beautiful.As for the lady at the bustop I am uncertain what disturbs me more the peep toe shoes in Jan or the fact that she was wearing socks with the peep toe shoes in Jan. mmmmmm....

JJ said...

Okay here in Duluth it was -21 with windchill of -40. School for boy wonder was on-time. They didn't go out for recess though. If it's colder than -18 windchill they stay inside.
A friend was at the Y and saw a guy going out to run in SHORTS AND A T-SHIRT!!! Okay there is being acclimated to the cold and being just plain STUPID. Exposed flesh freezing in less than 10 minutes. I hope it was a very short run.

Aubrey said...

Vegas Baby! I wish my sister would have done that...or Mexico. LOL Which both, I'm sure, sound good to you about now!

Yeah. That chick is one crazy lady. I love me some fab peep toe shoes but I'm all for wearing boots & extra warm socks and carrying the shoes in my bag until I get to work!

hulagirlatheart said...

It's women like Miss Peep Toes that make our gender look bad.

I'm thinking St. Thomas instead of Vegas, but then I'm always looking for a beach.