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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Oh, Now Dontcha' Know, Another Minnesota Movie...
So, the Big Guy and I went to see a movie yesterday. While I was out running errands and taking in a little Kelley time, I thought that a movie would be a nice evening adventure for us.

So, I asked him to look into what was playing. He said, "...the only movie that is any good is Taken with Liam Nielsen." I told him I'd be up for that, but wanted to know what else was playing. Once he said, New in Town I told him that was what I wanted to see.

After all, it was set in Minnesota.

Nothing says Saturday afternoon like a theatre filled with a bunch of middle aged Minnesotans, chomping on popcorn and laughing at themselves.

Because really...that what it was. A movie about Minnesotans.

God love Hollywood.

Anyway, I have to point out that it was definitely cute (I liked it, the Big Guy said, "Eh...it was OK"). Defiantly a rental. But here is the best part of the whole movie that had even the Big Guy laughing out loud. Basically, Renee Zellweger's character drives off the road into a snowbank. She's found and is safe. The next day, a few of the local girls made her a quilt with their phone numbers sewn into it so she can keep it in her car (Winter survival kit, anyone?). The clip below takes over from that part.

Click on this link: http://www.newintownmovie.com/#/guide
On the play list, click "Freezing to Death". There isn't a way for me to add it to the bloggy, but trust me. It's family friendly and FUNNY.


Anonymous said...

Uffda...sounds just like us.....
Love, mom

Caren said...

Hi - I saw the movie last week and actually mentioned you in my blog. My daughter and I are talking about a road trip to Minnesota...just to make sure it was really like that! It was a fun movie!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Oh gosh ya!
Thin that herd baby!! Bring on the windchill!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

OH! And, by the way... you didn't alert me to your recent bloggy facelift. Nice!