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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't You Hate it When....
When I was in the 9th grade I went to Space Camp.

Yes! I did! I wanted to be an astronaut. Now I work in higher education. Go figure.

Anyway, while at Space Camp I met my best friend, Julie. When camp ended, we promised to keep in touch. In the time before text messages, e-mail, facebook and Skype, we sent actual handwritten letters back and forth.

In our letters, we always included two things: Gossip of people in our high schools and a little thing called, "Don't You Hate it When..." I thought I'd bring that back to life on the blog.

Here is an edition of Don't You Hate it When...
  • You find a recipe that you think sounds really good, you make it and it wasn't as great as you thought?
  • You make said recipe and when you're finished you look around the kitchen and it looks like an 8 year old made dinner due to the mess?
  • You make lunch plans with a friend to have lunch downtown, but you pack a lunch anyway?
  • You're listening to the weather forecast and it says "4-6 inches of snow possible" so you plan accordingly by leaving early and dressing warm....only to find that it's raining and 42 degrees outside.
  • You get in the shower, only to remember that you forgot to toss out the shampoo bottle because it was empty? Now you have to get out of the shower, dripping wet, to make your way to the linen closet to get a new bottle of shampoo.

What about you? What is your Don't You Hate it When moment?


Little Dude's Mama said...

Amy made the sidebar! Wow, she's that cool ... I know it!

-Don't you hate it when you are pumped about using a coupon- a good one- and you present it to the cashier and it expired yesterday?
-Don't you hate it when someone (who clearly has no idea of the impact they have) discontinues a product you love?
-Don't you hate it when you stumble across a great blog, but forget to add it to your faves and you spend hours Googling to get it back?

Love your post. Survive the snow, missy.

Rebecca Jo said...

You made me think of that 80's movie "Space Camp"...

but Dont you hate it when you get your house all cleaned & your husband comes home? Enough said!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Don't you hate it when someone else takes credit for your great idea and you feel stupid for saying, "hey, that was my idea you big stealer!"?
Don't you hate it when you feel crappy at work and you really can't go home because it's a busy season?

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Love it! Especially the snow!

Don't cha Hate it when you make "fun" plans and the forget that you have an appointment! Ugh!

Don't cha Hate it when you plan to spend a quiet evening watching a movie with hubby and the kids won't go to bed and stay put??

Anonymous said...

Dontcha hate it when you go to dry your hands in the public restroom and the towels are so far up that the water runs down your arms? I know that's lame, but I really do hate that!

Caren said...

Laughing... don't you hate it when you type in your response and your comments don't appear!

OK.. I'll try again.

When you run in the house like a madwoman to use the bathroom and realize the last person used the rest of the toilet paper!

You go grocery shopping and realize that you forgot your wallet at home!

You are at the gym and forget your exercise bra for an aerobics class!