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Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Tag, or Not to Tag. That is the Question....
I have a Facebook account and love it.

One of the best things about Facebook is connecting with old friends. I do, however, draw the line at connecting with some old co-workers. Not all. But some.

Over the weekend I uploaded a lot of old photos onto my Facebook album page. What started as a project of archiving old photos onto disks for safe keeping, turned into uploaded photos onto Facebook to share with friends & family.

However, I'm confused about tagging.

If you're not up on Facebook Lingo 101, tagging is where you upload a photo and you can "label" people in the photo. Literally. When you roll your mouse of over the photo, the person's name pops up over their face so you know who people are. It's kind of neat really, especially if you don't remember who people are.

After you tag a person, they are then notified that they have been tagged in an album.

This is where it gets sketchy.
I have discovered that some people don't like to be tagged.

Don't get me wrong. I'm OK with not tagging someone in a photo. The last thing I want is to upset someone. Especially if they're being tagged in a photo circa 1988 with bad hair and acid washed jeans.

But I'm confused as to tagging etiquette. Specifically...if I tag someone in a Facebook photo, and they remove it, I wonder, "Why?"

Is it a privacy thing?
Is it a "I-don't-want-people-to-know-I-know-you" thing?
Is it a "I-don't-want-to-people-to-see-this" thing?

What is it?

Because lets face it. The photo isn't going away. It's on my page, in my album, for everyone I'm friends with to see. The photos I've uploaded aren't bad--meaning you won't get fired or investigated.

I don't care if people remove the tag I put on a photo. Like I said, I respect that choice and am in no way upset if someone takes it off . However, I actually feel bad then that I tagged someone if they then remove it because I feel like I did something "wrong".

Short of asking someone "Do you want to be tagged in future photos"--the question the table is: Do you tag people or not?


Amy in Ohio said...

Who un-tagged? I'm dying to know!

And where *IS* Stacey Ahmann?

Rebecca Jo said...

I love tagging everyone... mostly its kids from my youth group so they love the attention...

but I'd want to know if a picture of me was out there... even the horrible ugly ones... ESPECIALLY those! :o)

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

TAG! If you have a facebook account, you should be open to everything! TAGGING is must!

Two Blessings From Above said...

I just asked my boys how it is even done? I am not sure they even know how. I just found some high school pictures over the weekend and want to tag some people, but have no idea how to! I am so new to facebook, but I love it!

Tater Mama said...

Heck, yeah, I tag! I have a friend from high school who was a relentless photographer and he must have logged a thousand hours on his scanner! He's been a tagging fool on Facebook and it's been a scream seeing all those old pictures.

Anonymous said...

I never tag, just don't know how. I don't take the time to do all of that extra stuff.

Caren said...

I tag as well... not every photo but at least once in an album. Helps me remember who is who...I guess if someone doesn't want to be tagged it is their right...I wouldn't sweat it.

Jason, as himself said...

Oh, this whole Facebook thing is awfully overwhelming!

Lora said...

I tag, mainly so that my friends can look at the pictures, save them to their computer if they'd like, and choose to leave themselves tagged or not. It doesn't hurt my feelings or anything if they remove the tag--I understand being self-conscious and not wanting everyone to see a picture they don't like, ya know?

Visiting you from SITS...have a great day!