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Monday, May 25, 2009

No Going Back Now!
We put down a deposit today on our wedding venue & picked out a wedding band for the Big Guy.


No going back now.

Here are some of the details because people have been asking *cough* Not Too Sticky *cough* : )

Wedding date: May 2010

Invited Guests: None, besides immediate family only.

Reception: September 2010, this is where folks are invited. The reception is totally laid back where we'll do a weekend of fun, including trap/target shooting, shopping, lawn games, good food, good people, bonfire, s'mores, the whole shabang (read: no stress).

Reception favors: We're having a hog roast and will be handing out tins of custom made spice rub with the recipe so you can make your own. For the kids in attendance we will have Sugar Daddy caramel suckers. Yes, there is a story behind that....it's from our first date. Totally PG story, but funny none the less.

Wedding location: University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Here's a pic of the garden we are having the wedding. It's an herb garden! I won't go into the fact that I am having my wedding at a rival school. Our hockey team is still better.

Dress: My mom is making it and I cannot post it here. The Big Guy does read the blog. Granted, he reads it every 6 months or so, but he does read it.

Bridesmaid's Dress: My mom is making that too. Yeah. My mom is talented like that. Total cost for material for my dress and the bridesmaid's dress? $89. Yes...8.....9.

Colors: Pear green, khaki and lavender.

Unique wedding fact: We will not be walking down the aisle. The Big Guy and I will actually be in the garden with our wedding party and the family will walk in and be seated. Why? Because I didn't want to walk down the aisle and be the center of attention. The kicker....this was the Big Guy's idea. Not the walking down the aisle part, the being there before everyone else part!

Flowers: Hydrangeas. Here's the thing. I'm not paying for flowers. I can't justify the cost. So, I'm going fake. I know...I know...the horror! But really, I found some pretty realistic fake flowers. For $30 I get flowers to make my bouquet, my Maid of Honor's bouquet and corsages. Really people, it's not a big deal. I promise.

Wedding Party: Julie, my best friend who I met at Space Camp 21 years ago. Yes. I went to Space Camp. Weston is the Big Guy's best friend who he met in Broadcasting school. Yes. The Big Guy used to be a DJ. It's really annoying that he can name songs at the drop of a hat along with countless trivia. It's really, really, annoying.

Photography: We have made contact with an awesome wedding photographer. I'm not saying who it is yet. We are waiting for the contract. But let's just say this--she is so stinkin' amazing that I cannot wait to have her take photos of us.

Did I mention that I cannot wait? Once I have it signed, sealed and deposit paid, I will link you to her blog. Odds are, once you see her blog you'll know who she is.

There you have it. A little wedding detail 4-1-1. Totally non-frilly and I love it.


Caren said...

Cool stuff. Yeah for the Big Guy and an awesome suggestion...bet that made you feel good knowing he was thinking of you!!! Have fun!!!

Laura P said...

Sounds wonderful - and you have so much accomplished already! But, it's a good thing I really really like you Kelley -'cause if I didn't I'd have to stop reading your blog as I'm a HUGE Gopher Hockey fan :) Just sayin'

Suzi said...

Sounds great! Looks like a lovely place to have a wedding (even if it is at a rival school).

Visiting from SITS.

Mommy of M's said...

Sounds like fun!! Nice details, I love that you are doing what YOU want and feel comfortable with.

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

This just makes me smile. It's all coming together... so perfectly! I love BG's idea of you being there before everyone else comes in!! That's perfect for you!

It's going to be just like you wanted it... everything!

Rachel Ann said...

How exciting for you! The time will fly by! And way to go finding things so inexpensive...$89 for fabric? Get out!!

The location is beautiful and I'm sure you will steal the show on your special day!

hulagirlatheart said...

Your wedding plans sound great, and I think your venue is beautiful. Have I mentioned that hydrangeas are one of my favorites?

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Good for you...I love that you are planning your wedding for YOU! No one else! I wish I was invited, it sound like a BLAST! Enjoy!