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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anyone Need a Box?
I cannot believe it. Our Breast Cancer 3-day walk is a month away. A month.

As you know, Amy and I are driving a sweep van for the event. It really should be a lot of fun. We are having a baseball theme and we need to decorate our van. After a little brainstorming and scouring the internet, I found items on the popular site, Oriental Trading Company.

I placed an order for a package of baseball car magnets and some streamer-type things to hang in the van. We have to be able to clean our van quickly at the end of the 3-days, so these items were perfect.

The other day I got home and saw a box on the couch. I thought in my head, "how big are these magnets and streamers?"

So, I opened the box.

After digging through the 12 foot string of air packing pillows, I found my items.

One gigantic box for something that could fit into a mailing envelope. Makes you wonder what the people at Oriental Trading Company were thinking when they put these two items into that big box!


Rebecca Jo said...

That stuff drives me INSANE!!!!!! And even worse, I've had stuff shipped in big boxes & it still get all jacked up in there... UGH!

Caren said...

Seriously? What a waste.