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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Latest Wedding Idea....
This weekend I went to try on wedding dresses. Let me just say that the girlie-girl in me (if there is such a thing) was a little giddy. The Kelley you see on the outside, though, a little put off by the whole idea.

I imagined myself like Carrie Bradshaw when she was engaged to Aidan. She tried on a dress, got a rash and had to have it ripped off her body. Thankfully, that wasn't me. I was quite surprised at how "fun" it was.

I see you smiling. I even see that thought bubble above you head--it says, "I knew it...."

For the record I found a dress that is so completely opposite of what I wanted. It was a little surprising. But as they say, "...you just know when you found THE dress...."

Sorry...can't post it here. The Big Guy does read the ol' bloggy, ya' know.

After the wedding dress viewing, trying on, and deciding, Julie and I went back to her place to chat more about dresses, to-do lists, etc. While we were talking about catering the reception, I got an idea.

Why not have a beer & wine tasting at the reception?

How fun would that be? The Big Guy has a cousin who is a buyer for Serdyk's. The Big Guy's best friend (and Best Man) is in the restaurant business and knows distributors. We could have a really fun event at our reception!

What do you think? Good idea? Crazy idea?

And while we're at it--what was the best thing you ever saw at a wedding that was fun for the guests? I'd love to hear your ideas!


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my gosh... totally cant wait to see the dress!!!! Nothing better then trying on beautiful gowns!

Funnest thing - watching my drunk Uncle... want to rent him for your wedding?

I like the idea of a wine tasting thing - very nice!

Jason, as himself said...

I love the idea. Love. And I am glad that you found that perfect dress.

I wish I had a suggestion for something fun and different, but I can't think of anything. I'm still stuck on the wine and beer tasting.

hulagirlatheart said...

Small glass bottles of Coca-Cola iced down in a big ol' tub. A big thumbs up.

Different flavors of cupcakes like German chocolate and red velvet-two thumbs up with a snap.

And I've never seen this but I would totally enjoy it even though it's a little redneck-playing cornhole.

Lora said...

I too am stuck on the beer and wine tasting, and have decided to invite myself to your wedding reception. :0)

I think the coolest thing that I've seen at a wedding reception was that instead of birdseed or bubbles, the couple used sparklers (it was just after dark when they left). I'm TOTALLY doing that. :0)

Visiting from SITS--have a great day!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...


...dang it. How do I make the font even BIGGER to show you how MUCH I LOVE IT??!!

American in Norway said...

Very cool idea. I love anything different..