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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Oh, to be Fair Skinned....
I'm a fair skinned kid. It's true. When you look up "Fair Skinned Norwegian" in the dictionary, you'll see me. (minus the blue eyes and blonde hair)

I'm one of those people who "burn" rather than "tan". I can ride in a car for 10 minutes, or simply water my tomato plants and come out rosie pink. I've also been burned terribly in my childhood/teen/early adult years. Once when I was at camp (summer 1998) I went out on the dock at session break. It was a cloudy day and forgetting that a lake + cloudy day = strong sun action, I got burned to a crisp.


I was so burnt that my mom had to come to camp to get me when my contract ended because I could not have anything touching my back.

I won't even go into detail about the blisters. You're welcome.

Anyway, because of my fair skin, I'm one large freckle from head to toe. I'm also a mole's paradise. This Thursday I'm off to have a mole looked at and possibly removed. When they remove moles, they also check for skin cancer.

More and more signs are pointing me to get this checked. From blog posts from Boo Mama and Big Mama, to those television commercials from law offices saying you may have a law suit, I can't ignore them any longer.

So, keep me in your thoughts and let's just hope my mole is a mole with a freckle on top.

Is that possible? A mole with a freckle on top?

Let's hope so.


Caren said...

Morning...I was the same as you growing up. My mom used to pin clothe diapers to my back when I wore bathing suits just to prevent burns (and add to my diminishing self esteem). Somewhere along the way my skin changed and now with the protection of number 50 sunblock I can actually stay outside for an hour or two without turning into a crispy critter. I went to the dermatologist for the same reason on Friday. They are keeping an eye on a mole...going back every 3 months to see if it continues to change. Good luck!!!

hulagirlatheart said...

Don't be surprised if they want to remove it right then and there, and if they do, don't be surprised if it takes a stitch or two to close the spot. The pace at which they move is not necessarily an indicator of the seriousness of the situation. It seems kind of scary, but it's usually much ado about nothing. You'll feel better when you've had it done.
Sister in (past) blisters

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm with you too... fair skinned & have moles removed all the time... as long as you keep getting a yearly exam, I'm sure its fine... but always get checked - especially with such fair skin!!

We should have a "whose the whitest" contest! I GLOW :)

Keep us updated on the moley-mole

Laura Porras said...

I'll be thinking about you - keep us posted.

Mighty M said...

I think it's possible, but still - always good to get it checked if you are feeling unsure about it. Stopping by from SITS to say hi!!