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Monday, September 21, 2009

Edited to add: Thank you for all of your wonderful encouragement! So fun to read all of your comments! You are all the best!

The Infamous Diane Keaton Photo. Revealed....
Did you know I met Diane Keaton?

Yes! I did. Read about it here.

Got a photo with her too.

Oh. You never saw it? Ahhhh, yes. That's right. I didn't show it, did I. I believe I said something about being a fatty patty and wouldn't show that photo. Granted, anyone standing next to a size 2 woman in a fabulous black and white polka dot skirt, would look big.

But, kids. I looked like a B-I-G P-I-G.

It was after that photo that I decided it was time to get back on track and start taking care of myself. As any big girl will tell you--we've had our ups and downs with our weight. There are the "big years" (for me that would be 1997-2004). There would be the "smaller years" (that would be 2004 - 2007). And there are the years where we make our way back to the "big years" (2007 to present).

When I taught (2005 to 2007) I was active. Literally. I was moving around the classroom, I was running to my office every 20 minutes. Up steps. Down steps. To the copier. To the printer. To the student raising their hand.

But when I moved to advising, I ended up behind a desk. Guess what I found at that desk? Twenty eight pounds. Oh yes I did. Twenty eight big ol' pounds. It doesn't help that people bring in all kinds of goodies and we have a party for everything. I have zero self control and feel the need to tell people how good their dessert, treat or goodie is.

Damn office politics.

Anyway, after going wedding dress shopping, and seeing the stellar photos on the camera phone, I realized that either the dressing room mirror was designed to make me think I was a runway model or I was just out of my mind because I had not had coffee at that point. Let's face it folks. The camera doesn't lie. I looked so-so. My BFF will say differently (she'll say I looked fab. God I love her). But really, it boils down to this. I was not happy. At all. Not one bit.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I joined Weight Watchers. Again. For the 4th time in my life.

Yep. I did.
And I'm just now telling people. Truth be told, I've only told 4 people. Why? Because I didn't want the proverbial question of "So....can you have that on Weight Watchers?"

I know people are just asking to learn about the program, but for the love of Pete, is it just me or when you're watching what you eat do people seem to then really start to notice what you're eating? And ask questions? Almost like you have a big, fat, blinking sign above your head that reads, Yes! I'm losing weight! Yes, I can eat this! Please stop staring at me and my food.

To date, I've lost 20 of that 28 pounds.
My goal, by the wedding in May is to lose that remaining 8 and 15 more.
My goal, by the reception in September is to lose another 10.

What is different this time? Easy. I had the desire to change. Yes, this is my 4th time at Weight Watchers. The first time, I lost about 20 pounds. But my then boyfriend and I were on the rocks, so I gained it back. I then joined 2 other times, but I was not into it. I had no desire to count points, measure food portions, drink water. Blah blah blah. Yes, looking good in a wedding dress is part of it, but the wedding is just one day. I want to be healthy. I want to be strong. I also want to stop shopping in the plus size department. The Big Guy has mentioned that he wants to be a former Big Guy. You can't make someone change, and the Big Guy knows that when he's ready, I'm here. Love is good that way.

Besides, you can't change someone (including yourself) unless you're ready to do so. My ex tried to do that to me.

That is why he's my ex.

Here is the Diane Keaton photo to give you a "true" before photo.... (OK....it's says "PROOF". Obviously that is a "photography proof" not "proof you're fat"...working on a "non proof" photo.)

The first series of afters will be in the next few weeks when our engagement photos are up for sharing!


Michelle said...

Well compared to her, yeah. But just standing by yourself, you look fine.

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Don't be so hard on yourself but it's good that you're doing something that you really want to do. Go for it!

Visiting from the SITS feature blog. You were the commenter before me.

Have a great day!

Mommy of M's said...

Good for you!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Good for you for getting it off!!! I so DESPERATELY need to do something.. I've gained 50... GASP... yes, 50 lbs over the past few years!!!! that's so dang embarassing...

cant wait to see your "after" pictures!

hulagirlatheart said...

First of all, good for you for making that choice, and congratulations on the weight loss!

Secondly, go thrash yourself with a 100 calorie pack of cookies for having your picture made with the woman who makes "60-something" look hot and steamy. I wouldn't have the guts to stand next to her.
Or to do a nude scene in a movie at her age.

Keep up the good work, and keep us posted on your progress.

Two Blessings From Above said...

Love the picture! I too am trying to lose weight before my birthday Dec. 5th, it is so hard to lose! Good Luck!

Janice said...

Congrats Kelley! You are looking great! Keep up the good work.


AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Hey Kelley,
Thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway!!! Good luck!

Nana's Box

Laura Porras said...

First of all Kelley - I'm going to say that you will always be beautiful - because you're "YOU". I totally get all the reasons why you want to lose the weight and I know you will be successful (you already have lost A LOT!). So, you go girl and I can't wait to see the progress photos.

Sticky said...

You are gorgeous!! I'm in the weight loss mode too...good luck!