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Friday, November 06, 2009

One Holiday at a Time, Please....
This week, I've made a new pledge to myself--no computer usage at home in the evening. I mean, I'm on the computer all day long at work. I check my e-mail 857 times a day. I look at facebook more than I can shake a stick at it. I can only read MSNBC and the Star Tribune websites so much. So, why do it at home?

Instead, I've been working on a little crafty something for Baby Z.

I get to see him today.
I'm so excited.
Oh, and I'm excited to see the BFF, too.

Nothing better than smelling a newborns head and looking at little hands, feet and little diapered butts.

Anyway....back to the post.

Since I've unplugged the computer and working on my little something for Baby Z, I've had the TV on as background noise. The other background noise (read: The Big Guy) is working his evening shift this week, so I'm loving every minute of being in the house alone, trying to fill the lull....

While hearing the TV--I heard the Overstock.com commercial, sung to Jingle Bells...

Oh, Oh, Oh
The Great Big O
Overstock dot com

Buy online
it saves you time
Gifts for Dad and Mom



Yes, I know that every store no the planet now has their holiday decor up and ready to go.
Yes, I know that Target has had holiday ornaments out since October.
Yes, I hear that the holiday music is even playing in some stores.

But really. Can't we just get through Thanksgiving first?

Oh, and speaking of Thanksgiving, I will be posting the Drunken Cranberries recipe for all to have for their holiday meals. It's delish. Fresh cranberries. Brown Sugar. Rum. How can you go wrong?

This is also the same recipe that nearly burned down my mother-in-law's kitchen last year.


Noelle said...

seems like it gets earlier every year...

Rebecca Jo said...

There is a house down my street that has their Christmas tree in the window & their lights are all decorated outside!!! SERIOUSLY!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

You had me at 'great big O'!!!

Oh yeah!!

hulagirlatheart said...

Looking forward to that cranberry recipe. Sounds delish.

My daughter and I heard Christmas music in a store last week BEFORE Halloween. We looked at each other and groaned.