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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Favorite Things, Edition 1....
I feel sorta like Oprah.
Except without the magazine, a ba-jillion dollars in the bank, and a house in Hawaii.

I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite things. Because as a woman who watches her pennies, I am all about a good deal during the holiday time. I'm also all about products that make me swoon. And these products make me swoon, so much so that I'd register for them when it comes time to register for wedding gifts.

(I mean, I am getting married in May)

(Holy crap. That's in less than 6 months.)

(enter small panic attack here....)

I thought I'd do a running list of 10 items for the next few posts. Who couldn't use a little "gift inspiration" as we get closer to Christmas!

Here we go....

Item #10 Ear Bud Covers

Sadly, these are now discontinued, but a search brought me to Amazon and eBay (for as little as a few bucks!). I love my little ol' iPod, and like the ear buds that came with them. However, they have always popped out of my ears. Kind of annoying when you're riding the bus.

Yes, I know...there are tons of ear phones on the market that have this sort of shape already. But let's face it....sometime people love the white ear buds because they are for a real iPod (sad, but true). These come in 2 sizes that snap over the ear bud. You also get 3 sizes of the rubber "ear piece" that goes into your ear.

The down side is it does take a bit to get used too, especially because you can keep it at a lower volume. But all in all, they're great.

Item #9 Lands End.com
I swear to you I can find 100 things at Lands End that I love. Maybe it's because I live in the Great White North. But what I really love is the overstock section. I got the Big Guy a nice shirt for Christmas for $9 (NINE. DOLLARS). I got PJ pants for myself for $6. I found my winter jacket for $19.

How can you not love this?

The other best part? Sign up for their e-mail blasts and you can save even more on the overstocks and even get free shipping out of the deal. I even got one of the guys in our wedding party a customized fleece blanket--with monogramming--for $15.

You can check out Lands End here.

Check back on Friday for 2 more items, including beauty products.

and for the record, I'm not being asked to do this. This is known as "searching-for-something-to-blog-about"


Rebecca Jo said...

I'm getting an ipod touch for christmas... & looking at the different ear pieces now

hulagirlatheart said...

An overstock section in Land's End? Sweet! How could I not know that?