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Monday, December 14, 2009

Favorite Things, Edition #3

(I can see you on the edge of your seat)

Item #6 Wax Potpourri Tarts

Have you ever been to Yankee Candle and seen these little things and wonder, "how in the world do I use this?" I am here to tell you that these are the best little things because they are so concentrated in scent that they will make your entire house smell wonderful (well, in our case, the entire house. If you live in a big house with big rooms, then, well....a big room). They aren't badly priced, $1.99 each. They come in lots of different scents.

You'll need a tart burner, which can be about $15. I've had mine for about 10 years and love it. You also need to heat it with tea-light candles. You and I both know you can get a package of 100 tea-lights for $2.99 at most craft stores.

There is one downside. The wax does not evaporate. The scent from the tart will last through at least 2 tea lights (sometimes 3). However, you're left with a disk of wax in the end.

Item #5 Reusable Shopping Bags.

I will say that I was not on the reusable shopping bag bandwagon until last summer. The biggest reason? I was sure I would forget the bags and never use them.

Oh. How wrong I was.

First, these bags are from our local grocer, Coborns (except the black bag. That's from the school I work at....). Why do I like these bags? I like them because they have a sturdy bottom with a plastic insert that can come out.

The best part about these bags? They hold a TON! Unlike our shopping trips where they would put our groceries in 6-8 plastic bags, I can now get all of my groceries in 3 bags.

They're easier to carry and fold up nicely. Each week, after I put our purchases away, I'll fold them up and put them in one of the bag (like so)...

And back out to the car they go!

We own 10 of these bags. Yes. Ten. I keep 5 in my car and 5 in the Big Guy's car. That way, we never have an issue of he bags being left at home when we go shopping! And the reason we have ten? Well, we've gathered them over time, but really, the cost....99 cents.

99 cents, people.

Here is the maker of the bags, just in case you're interested.

Ten bucks says there's a college kid out there who has used a BYOB to bring alcohol to a BYOB event.


Rebecca Jo said...

This post was for me...

First because I LOVE my recycled bags. You are right, they hold SO MUCH! And they dont let things ROLL in the back of a car!!! great thing to have!

And second, I just bought my first Yankee Candle tart the other day.. never used one before so got my little tart burner & going to light it up soon!

Amy said...

In 2009 I made a concerted effort to bring my own bag. I like the Lunds-Byerly's bags, they seem to be similar to your Coburns bag. The stable flat bottom makes a huge difference.

Caren said...

I love candle tarts... I can't find them too often around here. Unfortunately, I can't go into a yankee candle store as my allergies go bonkers. Also use recycled bags as often as possible!

jcbroske said...

I love, love , love the tarts I have been using them for years. The hardest part is finding the tart burner nowadays. I also did not use the bags for a while mostly in part because I forgot. However I now use my bags all the time. The best one I have found has been from Aldi they are bigger than most of the ones being sold. So I can get 100 bucks worth of groceries at walmart in 2 Aldi bags!