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Monday, February 15, 2010

I Got Carded--At Target....
All because of this guy.

Obviously, I'm buying NyQuil because I'm sick with a cold. And because of said cold, I have not been able to sleep at all. My normally relaxing weekend was shot all to hell over the fact that I've had a scratchy sore throat, cough and stuffy nose.

That and the fact that I sleep with earplugs in my ears. Nothing is worse that having your ears plugged up, coughing and breathing through your mouth. Sounds like I'm at a bad rock concert.


I ran to Target on Sunday to get some NyQuil (the biggest bottle I could find), nose spray and tissues. I would have bought some chocolate, but after stepping on the scale that morning, I decided that it's best to just say no.

At the check out, the cashier scans my stuff and the following happens:

Cashier: Do you have an ID?
Me: Excuse me?
Cashier: For the NyQuil. I need an ID.

I gave her my ID. She zips it through the card reader (MN licenses have a magnetic strip on the back like a credit card) and hands it back to me. I pay my bill and walk out, still stunned that I had to be carded for NyQuil.

I get it that there is alcohol in NyQuil.
I get it that most cold medicines are now behind the pharmacy because of Meth Labs.
I get it.

NyQuil isn't behind the counter.
It doesn't even contain the psedo-what-ever-you-call-it that is used to make meth.

Its NyQuil.

Who gets a buzz off NyQuil?
Last time I checked someone who is underage would much rather get a buzz off some cheap wine coolers than NyQuil.


Rebecca Jo said...

I never knew they did that!! Carded for Nyquil? What's the world coming to? Have to give blood to purchase anything with high doses of sugar?

hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! I got carded at Wal-mart for spray paint recently. Of course, I'm just happy to get carded anytime at this age.

kevin said...

People abuse it because it has doxylamine, which apparently acts as a sedative... apparently people like to mix it with booze!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Ha ha ha... Kevin, I like to mix mine with 7-Up! Just kidding... Hey, did I ever tell you about my patient who used to drink his roomate's Listerine? Yep. Happiest guy in the place! He'd mix it with orange Kool-aid. Bleck!

Jason, as himself said...

I used to work at a big variety store like Target, and we used to find empty Robitussin bottles hidden under clothes racks and behind other merchandise. Kids would come in, chug a bottle full, and hide the evidence.

But this was Utah, and it was much harder to get the real thing!

Tara said...

I bought Nyquil from Target this weekend too and thought it was odd that they carded me.

Caren said...

I love Nyquil....sleep baby sleep. Hope you are feeling much better!

PS...the Wall of Chocolate I mentioned in my blog is literally...to die for! The cake is soooo good...the frosting is thick & creamy...and has lots of those little bits of chocolate. Then it sits in a raspberry sauce (if you don't like that you can ask them to leave it off) with fresh berries. OMG...

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

I agree....Who would want to get high off NYQUIL?? I can hardly stand to drink that crap when I am sick! But I guess what they say....Those who need a fix will get it anyway they can! UHG!! I would much rather be carded at something else!