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Monday, April 26, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike....
A few weeks ago, one of my favorite little blogs, Growing Older But Not Up, had decided to participate in the Pay It Forward Challenge and do a little giveaway of her own.

I was picked!
I was so excited!
What would I receive? One of her cool photos? Maybe she'd cough up the cast iron dutch oven she won over on the Pioneer Woman's blog? Perhaps I'd get a fun little something from Murray State University (where I went to graduate school and is only a short drive from her town!)? All I knew was that it would be specific to me, so it could be anything!

The suspense was killing me! And on Thursday...the package arrived.

I opened it. And look what was inside.....

Patti's is THE restaurant in Western Kentucky. When I went to graduate school at Murray State we ate there now and again and oh, it was just a little bit of heaven! The 2 inch pork chop alone is worth its weight in gold. And the pie? Lord have mercy on my soul. That pie is one of the reasons I gained the Graduate School 40 *cough* as well as Dutch Potato Casserole *cough*.

But here's what is funny.

I already had the cookbook!!! Look! It hasn't changed either!

Never fear, Hula dear. I am in love with your copy of the cookbook. Know why? Girlfriend marked her FAVORITE RECIPES! Hello? Why wouldn't I be in love with it! Don't be surprised if that cake makes an appearance at my office one of these days.

So, thank you Ms. Hula. I am grateful for your hospitality and thoughtfulness. I will cherish that cookbook forever.

Now it's your turn!
I've never done a giveaway before and to be honest--I'm a little nervous! Therefore, I'm going to encourage you all to leave a comment and I will pick 2 people out of the bunch!

1. You must have a blog that I can access and read (I need to learn more about you so that your "prize" is specific to you!!)
2. Just leave a little ol' comment on this post by next Sunday, May 2nd. I'll draw names the following Monday and will notify you of your win via your own blog. No need to follow me, tweet about it, etc. (Who needs THAT hassle?)
3. If you win, then you promise to talk about the Pay It Forward Challenge and do this yourself on your blog! (read: easy blog material!)

The Prize: To be determined by reading your blog so it will be specific to YOU! That's what Pay It Forward is about: sending you a little something to put a little smile on your face!

Good luck!
Now go leave a comment and make my first giveaway a success!


Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog!
My prize is our friendship. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

That's funny you got the same cookbook! Must be a good one then! YUMMY... nothing like southern cooking!

I feel like a loser too - I'm from Louisville, KY & never heard of this place... I need to get around more!

Little Dude's Mama said...

Comment: done. You know I'll pay it forward!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Okay, I haven't commented so as not to be of your three, but I have waited all I can to tell you I'm laughing my fanny off over this. I can't believe you live hundreds of miles away, and I managed to buy you something you already have. It just goes to show I think we'd be great real life friends if we lived in the same town. Now make some of that coconut cake and ship me a piece. ;)

Tater Mama said...

Hey, girl! I'm catching up on reading blogs and yours is the first one I went to!

Hope the wedding plans are all squared away!

Jason, as himself said...

I wanna play! I adore Hula. And you. So it's perfect. And I'd love to pay it forward.

Anonymous said...

Ive been accused of being very introspective lately by a few folks. Maybe it would do my "rep" good to do a little paying it forward! And it would be fun to see what youd choose just by reading my blog.