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Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Support & A Workout All-in-One!
As a woman who is getting older, my body isn't necessarily in the shape it was when I was 18. So, when it has come to wedding planning and shopping for the wedding, I told myself that I wanted to purchase the best body shaper that money could buy.

As Truvy said in Steele Magnolias, "Well these thighs haven't gone out of the house without lycra on them since I was 14."

A few weeks ago, I purchased the body shaper that claims to Lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds.

Sign me up.
I'm sold!

This weekend I was invited to the wedding of my supervisor. It was a lovely event and I got to spend some time outside of work with my co-workers (who I enjoy--that's always a bonus!). I made my way to my friend Tracy's and got ready at her place. This was the perfect occasion to break out the new shapewear. After all, if I'm wearing this on my wedding day, this is the best time to try this sucker out!

I have determined how you Lost 10 pounds in 10 seconds.

Yes, the shapewear does it's job and pushes in the stuff and smooths out the bumps. But my goodness....you not only look like you've lost 10 pounds, but you literally break out into a sweat putting these darn things on!

It's a workout!

Pull it here.
Tug it there.
Push this here.
Shove that there.

Perhaps if I just ate better & worked out, I wouldn't need the shapewear!


Rebecca Jo said...

I cant stand my clothes to fit me tight or snug... cant imagine what that feels like! I'd probably go insane.. feeling like it was a straight-jacket or something!

scargosun said...

They ALL work that way. I make my husband leave the room when I put on Spanx.

Anonymous said...

Amen!!! The shaper pantyhose are no better!
Auntie Jane

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Can I confess that while you were in the bathroom hubby gave me a "boost" by hiking up the back of my 'foundational garments" by just pullin UP in a major way?

I can only imagine the embarassment should you have come out of the bathroom at the wrong moment!!

I thought we both looked stunning!!

Is "supervisor" in Mexico as we speak?