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Friday, June 04, 2010

What You've All Been Waiting For.....
Today at work, I got the best surprise ever.
A disk with almost 500 photos from my wedding.


I'm not kidding.

You want photos?
Well, here you go.
And no. I won't upload all 500.

But here they are....
Who loves ya'? I DO!
Thanks for being so patient!


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Beautiful!! Nice job Crystal!!
Kelley - you were a beautiful bride!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

These are great! I could look at wedding photos all day. Love the flowers. Love, love, love the brooches on the sashes and the fist bump is excellent. Keep 'em coming.

Rebecca Jo said...

SHUT UP!!! You all fist bumped... I LOVE IT!!!

I love that black/white picture of you with the slight color on the bottom...

You look so happy in all of these! Totally beautiful too! Those sashes are stunning! Are those pins/brooches that are on there something special? They look antique!

So when are you posting the other 480 pictures? :)

Little Dude's Mama said...

You would fist-bump @ the altar ...
Love everything- the sashes, the adornment on the sashes, flowers ... etc.
Your mama=talented.

Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, what a beautiful wedding! I noticed your brooches too...is there a story?

Jason, as himself said...

Worth the wait! It looks like it was such a beautiful day, such a beautiful setting. I love the ones where I can see your personality shining through the most.

Tater Mama said...

Every single one is my favorite! Haha! They are wonderful and everyone looks so happy! You can feel all the love even in the pictures, and that's something!

Feel free to upload as many as you like. Apparently, we all love seeing them! :)

Mark said...

Great Pictures and it looked like such a beautiful day. The Big Guy didn't really tumble into that lake, did he?
You looked beautiful.
Your Friend, m.
p.s. How did you know I've been waiting for these?

Mommy of M's said...

Great Photos!! I love your dress, and the flowers!!