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Friday, August 27, 2010

Couch to 5K to Couch Again....
I know what you're thinking.

Hey, Kelley. How's that Couch to 5K going for you?

Ummmm. Yeah.
It's not.

Wait? Why? I thought you were all about getting off your duff and running a 5K?

Well, yes. Yes I was.
And like a crazy woman I exclaimed it here on the blog.
You see....I have knee issues. Terrible knee issues. And running isn't helping them. At all. And because of that, this whole "running to lose weight and look like a skinny woman" thing, hasn't been going so well.

I'm not running.
I'm not walking.

Meet my new personal trainer....

And she's kicking my ass.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh man... I almost think The Shred is worse on knees then running! Seriously!!!!

I will tell you - I have HORRID knees - tore my hamstring muscles when I was 12 yrs old, messed my knees up YOUNG in martial arts... but running has actually made them stronger... so maybe push through a little & see if your knees get better... And as always, check with your doctor before starting any physical activity... :) Wanted to sound "official" by adding that in! haha!!!

Anonymous said...

Top blog, I had not come across osmundson.blogspot.com earlier during my searches!
Keep up the wonderful work!

scargosun said...

Go see someone about those knees! I waited until I lost about 10lbs before I started C25K because I was worried about my knees. I did the elliptical until then.

Anonymous said...

Typically knee issues are from not strong enough hams & quads. Start doing one-legged squats and a “skates pose” lunge to help build those muscles up. Of course if your knees are already inflamed, wait until they are feeling good to start running again. I am not a runner either but started after I tore up my knee last spring playing hockey. Although I can say I do not LOVE running, it's not so bad anymore. My knees do not hurt outside of some damage of the bang, bang, bang, bang they received but some of that is weight related too. Also, if they are really hurting, I band the lower part of my knee... that helps tremendously! Once you start, you should be ok if you follow through. 18 months ago, you would have NEVER gotten me to believe that however now, I’ve changed my tune now that this is summer 2 of running.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Ooh, I've heard about the Shred. I'm afraid of the Shred. I'll continue trotting down the street ata snail's pace, thank you. But good luck!