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Friday, August 20, 2010

Today, while you're sitting at your desk drinking coffee and reading a blog, I'll be here.

Today, while you're talking on the phone, I'll be here.

Today, while you're having lunch, I'll be here.

Today, while you're catching up on e-mail, I'll be here, going over my maps for the next day.

Today, while you're preparing dinner, I'll be here, watching this.

And tonight, while you're brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed, I'll be retiring here.

And hopefully not cleaning up a van from sick walkers. ewww.

Today is the first day of the Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3-day, 60 mile walk. For the 3rd year, Amy's Angels is participating in this event! Our team consists of walkers & crew and we have currently raised over $15,000, bringing our total over the last 3 years to over $55,000.

We're sorta proud of that.

If you want to keep tabs on the event, I am twittering (Lord help me...). You can read my tweets by clicking here: https://twitter.com/kelleymcclure and if you're Facebook friends with me, you'll see my tweets in your newsfeed.


Keep us in your thoughts!

Updates on Monday. Oh my word...will there be updates.


Dorkys Ramos said...

Good luck on the walk and congrats on raising so much for the cause!!

scargosun said...

Good luck! I know that it will be a fabulous 3 days!

Rebecca Jo said...

I've been gone so just now seeing this...

How I love that you are so involved in this... hope its going well & no vomit so far!!!! Cant wait to see pics from this year & hear all the stories!!!!

Jason, as himself said...

YAY!!!!!!! My team and I were walking this morning and one of my team knows somebody who is walking in the Twin Cities walk...and I said I do too!

I will be anxiously following your adventure!

Jason, as himself said...

...and I just watched the video...how exciting!