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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"What the Heck?" Wednesday

This is what happens when your leave your car & your keys at home, your husband is working his over night shift, you can't reach your landlord and you need to get into your home.

I keep waiting for the cranky old lady at the end of our development to come by and yell at me.


Mark said...

When she does, take a picture of her in mid-yell. That would be awesome!
Okay, now I need to let you know that if you can break into your house, so can a million other people. Think about it and then call ADT for some help.
Your Friend, m.

jmmarshak04 said...

Yeah, not to freak you out, but that is what our screen kind of looked like when someone slit it and reached through to unlock the kitchen door. While we were sleeping. No more 1st floor windows open at night for us.

Together We Save said...

Oh my... that stinks!! At least you got in!