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Monday, October 25, 2010

I Shouldn't Have To....
It is no secret that I have food issues. Ask anyone who knows me pretty well and they'll agree. I want my food to be hot when it is supposed to be hot, cold when it's supposed to be cold, and properly prepared as it should be.

As a consumer, I shouldn't have to request that food be sent back to the kitchen.
As a consumer, I shouldn't have to check the expiration dates on food at the grocery store.

But let me tell you.

Know someone who works there?
Know someone who will read my blog and do something about it?
Want to contact them to say, "someone wrote about you"....GO FOR IT.
Give them my blog address.
And if you're someone who works for these companies, I HAVE contacted their corporate office in the past--but clearly, it made no impact.

Here's the story.

On Saturday I did my normal errands (Wal-Mart/Target, grocery, etc). As I was going through the aisles at Cash Wise, I came to the dairy aisle. I needed the normal stuff: milk, cheese, yogurt.

As I was making my way past the case with the cream cheese I grabbed what I needed and then thought about picking up a tub of onion & chive cream cheese. The Big Guy loves that stuff on an English muffin. I love it on a baked potato. As I grabbed one to put it into the cart, I flipped it over to look at the expiration date.

Now, normally folks don't do this because they trust that their grocery store is going to rotate their stock. Sadly, the dairy department at Cash Wise is hit or miss. It has been more than once that I've gotten home and items have been either expired or will expire by the next day or so.

Wanna see what I saw?


This was the first one I picked up.....

The photo is fuzzy as it was taken with my cell phone. The date?
MARCH 20, 2010.


So, I grabbed another one.


Here it is.....

JULY 8, 2010.

Uh huh.

So, I started to dig through the onion & chive cream cheese.


I'm tired of being a consumer who spends, on average, $75 a week at this store. I drive at least 30 miles ROUND TRIP to visit this store because the Coborn's in our town is just as bad, if not worse. I shouldn't have to check expiration dates while at the store. I shouldn't have to bring up arm loads of expired food to the customer service desk to have the staff (who are very nice, by the way) say "oh my word!!" and call people to come clear the shelves.

I don't even want to imagine what would happen if I bought this, the Big Guy ate it (or worse, I ate it) to become ill. What if we became so ill that we were hospitalized? Would it be my fault as the consumer because I didn't check the dates? Or is it the stores fault? Or both?

Either way...it shouldn't even be an issue.

Pass this onto whomever you want.
I doubt this will do any good....but at least I got to vent.

(yeah, I know I was shooting for $60 a week at the grocery, but produce is out of this world expensive. I tried. Our average is higher, but still considerably lower than what we were spending a year ago.)


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

It's the store's fault. Not yours. But it's good of you to check up on them. Probably saved yourselves more than one trip to the hosptial over the years.

Mark said...

Ew! That's just gross thinking about it.
Is there some sort of Department of Health office that you could call and report this issue? You know, like if a restaurant has rat or roach issues. I feel like this could be a major issue considering that it is dairy.
Oh, and I'll leave you with this. Be kind when you return food back to the kitchen in a restaurant. I've been a waiter before and chefs can get pissed off with people with bad attitudes. Just be nice when you do it!
Your Friend, m.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Wow, and to think I was complaining about week old sour cream.