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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Forty Things Before I'm Forty List....
I know, I know.

My last post wasn't all roses, rainbows and unicorns. I believe in one thing: being very transparent and honest. On my birthday, that was honestly on my mind.


Age is just a number.
I was encouraged by a few of you to take life and run with it.
And that's what I'm going to do.

On Monday on my facebook page, I asked my friends to help me make a list of 40 things to do before I turn 40. Sort of like the 100 things in 1001 days list--but shorter.

So, here is what I hope to do in the next year....

1. Sign up and complete a 5K
2. Bike the Paul Bunyon trail
3. Go on the Rip Cord at Valleyfair with my cousin Karla
4. Read the Bible
5. Go on a trip to somewhere I've never been (airport layovers don't count).
6. Learn to make jelly/jam and how to can (with my mother)
7. Attend an information session on adoption
8. Attend the Opera
9. Pay off my credit card and shred it when it's paid off
10. Take a photography class
11. Eat a small steak (I haven't eaten beef since 1993)
12. Learn to shoot a hand gun (my husband will LOVE this one)
13. Go zip-lining
14. Go out to the Split Rock Light House on Lake Superior
15. Learn to make lefse
16. Research my family tree and find out more on my dad's father (he was adopted and we have very little information on his biological family).
17. Write a children's book
18. Watch every movie that earned the Best Picture Oscar since 1990 (borrowed from my friend Wendy's list)
19. Try every drink on the Caribou Coffee menu
20. Re-learn sign language (I took a class in college, but have slowly forgotten it)
21. Swim with dolphins
22. Send a message in a bottle
23. See a shuttle launch (this is the last year, isn't it?)
24. Visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art
25. Read the entire Harry Potter series again
26. Ride a Unicycle
27. Go to one game for every MN sports team: Timberwolves, Wild, Twins, Vikings
28. Go to a Minnesota Orchestra Concert
29. Write a letter to President Obama
30. Learn to juggle
31. Take at least one course online and finish it
32. Make an alumni donation to UND
33. Own something with the new UND nickname (I don't have to like it...)
34. Learn to make artisan bread
35. Go through a corn maze
36. Make a birthday calendar and send cards to those who have a birthday
37. Read the entire For Better of For Worse Comic Strip Series (that one is for you Kevin)
38. Make 100 handmade greeting cards
39. Make a gingerbread house from scratch
40. Watch every episode of Friends (believe it or not, have not seen them all...)

I'll keep you posted on my list and how I do. Besides, this makes for good blog material.

Watching me ride a unicycle is worth its weight right there.


jmmarshak04 said...

I've got free tickets to Split Rock that you can have if you go before they expire on May 31, 2011. I have a beginning juggling book if you want to borrow it. And a friend and I are planning on doing a 5k this spring if (our first ones as well) if you possibly want to run together. Great list!

Rebecca Jo said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! How fun will it be to mark stuff off your list too!

but wait... you've never seen all of the FRIENDS episodes? Get to it girl! That's laughter waiting to happen! :)

Anonymous said...

What happened to the chicken????

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Dear Anonymous (aka AMY): My list, my rules.

And don't you dare use the "I had cancer" line. That's won't work.

Love, Me.

Mark said...

That is one incredible list. I had comebacks for some of them but then my list grew and thought that I wouldn't have time to list them all.
However, if you ever need info on adoption, been there, done that.
Also, make sure your letter to Obama is threatening.
Thank you for your well wishes yesterday. I feel much better.
Your Friend, m.

Tater Mama said...

I'm with you on number 40. I still miss Friends every Thursday night. Sigh.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Excellent list. I thought of you today by the way. We're making plans to go to Patti's this Friday night.

Mark said...

Hey, I'm back!
I meant to say, "Is not threatening" I'm so embarassed.
Please forgive me.

Tara said...

You should Swim with dolphins in Ixtapa, Mexico. You get to do so much more with them than Sea World and it will take care of #5.

Caren said...

You go...and keep us posted on your endeavors.

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

I also want to do numbers: 11, 12, 13, 14 (where we can do #22), 22, 24 and 38.

I'm game if you are!