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Monday, May 09, 2011

3-day Garage Sale & Quilt Raffle....
In 2008, I participated in my first Susan G Komen for the Cure 3-day walk.  This walk takes place over 3 days, and the participants walk 60 miles during that time.  In order to participate in the walk, walkers make a commitment and agree to raising $2300.  This means that before they can walk one step, they need to have that money accounted for--or they don't walk.

To do that, teams do a variety of fundraisers.  Our team, Amy's Angels, has been doing a number of different fundraisers over the years.  This last weekend was our annual garage sale.  This year, a new walker on our team, lives in a neighborhood where they have a community garage sale every year--and it is well known in their town.   This is good news for us....because this could mean big bucks!!

I wasn't able to attend on Friday, but came by at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday with Amy and her son, Mr. J.  We showed up and couldn't believe the amount of stuff we had in this sale.  Look at this!

And that was only what was out on the lawn and driveway.  This isn't nearly what was left in the garage!!  I'm happy to say that my little tote of items, sold (at least, I think they did.  I didn't anything of mine left.....)

We also had a quilt raffle.  A couple who is friends with one of our walkers donated the time and materials to make this quilt.  It was no small quilt....it was a queen/king!!  

Isn't it neat!  Such fun colors.  I said that this would have been a great quilt for a girl's room.  So fun and retro.

We had the drawing at 2 p.m. and we had 3 little fellas who helped us draw out the name from the 10 gallon tote.

Yes.  A 10 gallon tote held the names.  

While we are still waiting on the totals for the garage sale, we did raise approximately $1800 just on the quilt raffle alone.  We sold them for $1 a chance and many people bought $20 or more worth of tickets because they knew it was going to a great cause.  

The girls who put together this garage sale and raffle did a GREAT job.  This was one of the best garage sales that we had and it was all because of their hard work.  One of the great things about our team is that we are all pretty much on auto pilot.  We all have our events to work on and they all go off without a hitch.

And of course, Mr.J made getting up at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday a lot of fun!


Rebecca Jo said...

WOW!!!! Look at that yard sale!

I totally woulda bought chances for that quilt... its GORGEOUS! Glad there was such a support on that! I can imagine how much time went into making it!

Mark said...

It's funny, I saw that quilt in one of the first shots and thought, "I want that!"
Great Job at your yard sale.
And can I have that baby at the end?
Your Friend, m.

Tracy said...

Holy CRAP but Mr. J is HUGE!!
What a cutie!

Mark can't have him.
He's mine.

Jason, as himself said...

Our garage sale is this coming weekend! I'm so impressed with your success. And the raffle idea is INGENIOUS. I wonder if I could pull something like that together by Saturday???