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Friday, December 02, 2011

Our Holiday Card (Blog Edition)...

I love Shutterfly.
Love. Love. Love them.

I have more photo books than a normal person should have.
I created our "Save the Date" cards for our wedding using their photo cards.
I've created holiday cards for years using their service.

So, to make our cards for 2011, it was a no brainer.  Normally I write a holiday letter AND send some sort of photo.  This year, I got creative and combined the two....

(to see a full size version of this card and read our Top 10 List, click on the photo and you will go to the Shutterfly site.  Click "view project" and you'll see the full image and be able to read the text)

Classic Initials Christmas Card
Turn your favorite family photos into Christmas cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

How cute are they?!?
When I ordered these, I thought they would be traditional photo material.  They were actually sent on very heavy "card" paper and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.  They went into the mail today and I know our family and friends will love them!

Obviously, for our family and friends I used my husband's name, not "the Big Guy".  Though that would have been fun to see who noticed....because I guarantee you, someone wouldn't.

By embedding this project into my blog I will receive a $10 gift certificate (which will not go to waste in my house!).  The big wigs at Shutterfly did not contact me to do this....I found it on their website!  You can do it, too, by embedding a project to your blog or website.  Contact Shutterfly for details.