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Monday, February 27, 2012

The view from here...

These days, this sits in the middle of my kitchen counter.....

image from Google Images

The Big Guy's calorie & carb counting book (though his is 2011).
The Big Guy has decided that he no longer wants to be a Big Guy.  He met with a weight loss doctor last week who, thankfully, doesn't want him to have surgery or take a pill.  Instead, they want him to consider what he's eating and make better choices.  They discussed the new food plate diagram.  It's forced him to think about his plate and if he's getting enough veggies and other whole foods.

It must be hitting home.  He's keeping a food journal!  He's measuring out his food!  He's looking up items in the book and making notes!

It is never easy asking for help.
But I am so very, very proud of him for doing it.  

Surprisingly, the Big Guy does read my blog!  If you want to give him a little encouragement, go ahead and leave a comment!  

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Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

You GO big guy! You can do it!! Water is your friend. :)