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Monday, May 21, 2012

Down on the Farm...

I planted our garden this weekend.  My in-real-life friend, Tracy, is also sharing our garden this summer.  Tomatoes, peppers, onions, radishes, carrots, potatoes....we have lofty garden goals.  Those concrete cylinders are actually used to protect the peppers and tomatoes until they get taller and more sturdy.  Then we'll replace them with tomato cages.

I'm flattered that Tracy trusts me to grow her plants. 
She'll either have a great harvest or 2 carrots and a tomato.

After I planted everything (the tires are actually the potato planters!  More on that in a few weeks...) I snapped this photo to send to Tracy:

Without knowing it, I caught the friendly barn cat--he's now been named Roofus--checking out the pepper plants.

Tracy....if you don't have any green peppers, you can blame it on the cat.
Not me.


Rebecca Jo said...

Just think that the cat is keeping all the other critters away from the plants :)

Mark said...

Cats are sneaky like that! He better hope that nothing is living in there.

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Looks like Roofus likes YOUR plants... I think mine are over there somewhere! :)

Thank you for saying that I'm sharing your garden. It's not completely true because you are doing all the work. I thank YOU for that!