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Friday, July 06, 2012

Ice Cream in a Bag...

Over the 4th of July we spent some time at the lake where my in-laws have their RV parked.  This is no "RV Park" with hundreds of RV's parked in a camp ground.  This is someone's private property where he leases out 2 spots for the entire summer.  My in-laws have one spot....their best friends have the other.  It is a great location, and the owner of the land has a generous "open door" policy.  

We headed there for the afternoon and I was in charge of dessert.  The nephews, Mighty P and Super Z, were at the lake, too--so I decided to bring the fixings for a special treat.

Ice-Cream in a Bag!

We used to make this at Girl Scout Camp, and I thought it would be fun to make it with the boys.  Even in the hot temps, it works very, very well!

Here's how to do it.

Ingredients (per person):
1/2 cup of Fat Free half & half
1 T of sugar
1/2 t of vanilla (I made mint ice-cream with 2-3 drops of mint extract.  Be careful--mint extract is VERY strong and can over-power the ice-cream.  Trust me on this one.)
Rock salt (the bigger the salt the better--we got ours at Wal-Mart and found it near the ice-cream makers.  But it's in a red box labeled "Ice Cream Rock Salt")
2 sandwich size zip lock bags
1 large gallon size zip lock bag
Gloves or a dish towel (the bag gets pretty cold!)


  • In one sandwich bag, add the half-n-half, sugar and vanilla.  Push out most of the air and zip it shut.  Tuck it into the 2nd zip lock bag and zip that one shut for a "double bag".
  • Fill your gallon sized bag with about 3-4 cups of ice.  
  • Add about 3/4 - 1 cup of rock salt.
  • Place the double bagged cream, sugar and flavoring mixture inside the gallon zip lock on top of the ice & salt.  Push out some of the air and seal it up.

Shake, shake, shake...Shake, shake, shake...

Shake your baggie!

Shake your baggie!

In 15 minutes of shaking--you have this!

Super Z has the Big Guy add some chocolate chips to his ice cream....

Of course, if it's 98 degrees outside (like it was, with a heat index of 110), you put the bag of cold ice & salt on your head.

In case you're wondering:
Calories:  78
Carbs:  16g
Fat:  0
Fiber:  0
Protein:  4g
Weight Watchers Points Plus:  3
(calculated using the nutritional information on the original containers of the half-n-half and the sugar.)


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

SO fun! You do know that you're the coolest aunt in the world, right?

Rebecca Jo said...

who knew that was even possible!!?!?!

I feel like my childhood is a failure now that I didnt go to Girl Scouts! :)