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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

There's an App for That...

Good news!  You're looking at the new online courseroom administrator at the college I work at!

Even more good news!  Because of my role, I got a fancy, schmancy iPad!

Our college was able to use a portion of the technology fee (yes, funded by students) to purchase iPads for any faculty who wanted one.  Over 100 faculty asked for an iPad, with the understanding that this is property of the school, and it is to be used for educational purposes.

Many faculty are a little freaked out to use them.  The folks in IT told me that they WANT faculty to use them and are absolutely OK with them using it for personal use--so they've encouraged them to download apps like Angry Birds, Facebook, Words with Friends, etc.  Anything that will make folks more comfortable using it.

And the even cooler part?  Our classrooms are equipped with Apple TV--so you can sync your iPad to the TV in the classroom and wala--instant, gigantic iPad for the students to see and interact with.

I love this!!

So, I've started playing with and looking at apps for the iPad.  I have the basic ones (Facebook, instegram, Google Earth, nook).

But I want to discover more.
Anyone have an app that they've tried (even if its for Android phones--odds are there's an Apple app that is similar) that I need to know about?


Rebecca Jo said...

There's some nice apps that can let you know the price of gas around you so you can find stations that havent raised theirs yet...

There's also an app that I'm starting to love called "Out of Milk" - its a list making app - I have a grocery list, a Target Store list - it has a set "pantry" list & you can put how full your stuff is so you know when you're out, or if you have it at home. (spices & stuff) - I love it! You can share it too with your signficant other so they can pick something up & mark it off the list too... cool!

I'm also LOVING Fitness Pal - I've never been one for 'logging' in all your food because its so boring. This app makes it so nice. Its got a scanner on it so you can scan the barcode & it pulls it up & saves it... NICE! Dont think it helps though - I've lost 3 pounds in 4 weeks.. but I'll gain that back next week :)

have fun in your ipad aventures!

Mark said...

Not a clue.
You are light years ahead of me. Enjoy!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh wow, that's a hell of a perk! I wish I got to play around with an iPad more. Enjoy the new toy!

Let's see the apps I use most on my iPhone are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Feedly (for my blog feeds), Evernote (a note-taking app that syncs with everywhere you've downloaded the app: laptop, iPad, etc.), and Shazam to figure out what's that song that's playing when I'm out and about.

I'm terrible at finding good games on here, but right now I'm loving LogosQuiz.