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Friday, November 02, 2012

Flying Fish....

While in Seattle for a work trip last weekend, I knew that our hotel was just about a mile away from the famous Pike Place Market.  While there, I knew that I wanted to see one thing....

The fish market that throws their fish.

The first time I saw this was....wait for it....wait for it....on the Real World--Seattle.  In college, I LOVED this show.  THIS was reality TV.  Not that Housewives-Honey Boo Boo-Toddlers & Tiaras nonsense.  The guys at this place are a RIOT and love talking with the crowd and hanging out with those that visit.  

The market itself is the size of a deli counter at a super market.  It's not very big at all.  They have three rolling carts that are outside of the deli counter--one on either side and the 3rd card is up front.  

One guy stands at each rolling cart taking orders from the customers.

When a customer orders, it goes something like this:

Customer:  2 pounds of halibut, please
Fish guy taking the order--shouting loud enough for the other guys to hear him:  TWO POUNDS OF HALIBUT!
All of the fish guys on duty:  TWO POUNDS OF HALIBUT!!

The guy that took the order then tossed the full halibut fish up and over the crowd, to the guys behind the deli counter.

And in case you're wondering?
They never miss.

Here's an action shot!

Did you see it?

I had the best time watching these guys interact with the crowd and just enjoy being there.

Count your blessings, though.  If you complain about your office space being too cramped, too cold, too anything, keep this in mind:

This is their office space.
A metal cabinet next to bins of fish guts.

Guess my office isn't so bad after all.  


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Hula Girl at Heart said...

Every year our local Chamber of Commerce has a black tie meeting/dinner event with a speaker. The Pike Place guys were the program a couple of years ago, talking about customer service. It was very entertaining. However, at the end of the presentation they gave us these large fish to pass from person to person as part of an exercise. Several hundred people, all dressed in formalwear, passing large dead fish between them. It was an odd ending to the night. And there we all were in the restroom trying to wash our hands afterward. I think it's much more fun to watch them do it.